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The Corona/COVID-19 crisis has shown how important our networking is. Chlorine dioxide applications have protected hundreds of thousands of people from COVID and cured the seriously ill.

Information can save lives and reduce suffering!

Our goal is to create a worldwide network of people who are interested in chlorine dioxide applications and want to protect themselves and their loved ones. Here you will learn, for example, how you as a vaccinated person can successfully detoxify from these toxic mRNA vaccines and their accompanying substances, and how you as an unvaccinated person can safely protect yourself from the consequences of SPIKE protein transmissions. In ever shorter intervals new successful experience reports of physicians with e.g. different kinds of cancer, diabetes and other civilization illnesses are added.

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In our blog you will find all the latest topics and news about chlorine dioxide. We report on the many uses of chlorine dioxide solutions and how they can help positively improve our lives.

Are you looking for information and experience on this topic? We are your new news source.

With the MMS blog, we share our experience and knowledge with the community after extensive research. We want to inspire you to learn about and use chlorine dioxide as a safe and effective alternative. Much of our research can be substantiated with studies from around the world.

COVID-19: Virus or snake venom – part1

Part 1 Play audio file! Documentary “Watch the water!” This is a rough rendition of the content of the documentary “Watch the water” from the Stew

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The new book by Andreas Kalcker“BYE BYE COVID” In this latest interview with Ali Erhan, Andreas Kalcker clarifies, among other things, the alleged criminal charges against him.

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Covid-19 Summary

We received an email inquiry: If pine needle tea and chlorine dioxide eliminate the SPIKE proteins, isn’t the protective effect and immunization of the vaccination also gone?

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