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Frequently Asked Questions:


The number of inquiries has increased so much that a timely and detailed response is almost impossible. In addition, Ali Erhan is currently traveling and researching other metal cutting tools and methods. Please understand if you do not get an answer or if you get an answer very late or very short. For really urgent cases, put AAAAA at the beginning of the subject line of your email.

1. sources of supply
What reliable sources for products and books etc. do you recommend? Go to our page
and select the SERVICE menu and there SUPPLY SOURCES or BOOKS AND DVDs.

2. seminar requests
Since Ali is devoting himself to new tasks, there are no more MMS seminars at the moment. However, you can watch over 7 hours of webinars with him for free on our website.

3. no requests for third parties
“A friend’s son has fallen ill” or similar: we no longer answer any questions for third parties, as they often decide otherwise and all our time and energy could have been better spent on others. Please send inquiries about diseases only from those directly affected! THANK YOU!

4. which dose for which disease?
I have such and such and such illness, complaints or symptoms. What should I take and at what dose? We are not doctors or alternative practitioners and can not judge this from a distance. This here is knowledge from condensed testimonials. MMS requires personal responsibility! We have journalistically demonstrated in the free of charge e-book that you can try out largely risk-free. For most cases 3-4 weeks of the MMS-1000 or CDS-1000 cure are sufficient.

5. consultation/spirit healing
In rare individual cases you can get an appointment with Ali. These are free and help to understand who you are and how your illness may have arisen.

6. Buy DVDs instead of DONATING:

Operating, maintaining and protecting this website and this information offering costs money. Please support us here! Since accounts are blocked or cancelled all the time when the magic letters MMS are written in the purpose of use, we ask you to simply buy DVDs in the Akashic Shop and if necessary, to pay for them. also to give away. https://ticketshop.akasha-congress.com./s/AKASHA-Congress?group_id=816

Comments: The author/lecturer Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Ali Erhan is not a doctor or alternative practitioner, but a mechanical engineer and IT specialist. He presents you in his seminars and workshops a literature summary and statements from his personal MMS trainer education with the discoverer of MMS, Jim Humble, as well as interviews among others with the insiders Dr. med. Antje Oswald, Dr. Andreas Kalcker, Leo Koehof and Kerri Rivera as well as further research. All this should serve you as a free and self-determined citizen only as information for self-responsible action. The procedures presented here do not replace medical diagnoses, consultations or therapies. Always consult a doctor or alternative practitioner who is also familiar with alternative healing methods and remedies. The events are only for the discussion and dissemination of fascinating healing knowledge.

Good luck and get well soon!

In order for us to be able to respond quickly to people in need, please do not ask questions that you can answer yourself by reading the website and e-books thoroughly.


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