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My dog had unclear abdominal discomfort. An examination showed she had giardia. The vet wanted to give antibiotics, I refused them. Instead, I administered her MMS, and after about 4 hours the problem was solved :)))


My eardrum had ruptured twice within three months. Both times I was able to speed up the healing with CDS and DMSO. Since I was aware of the effects after the healing of the first incident, I started treatment directly on the second incident. In the first case, the eardrum was very badly damaged. I started using it only slowly after a few days because I had read that no liquid should get into the inner ear, not even ear drops. The red-yellow discharge had lasted for over a week, and by the time the skin had grown over, about ten to fourteen days had passed. It had taken a very long time for the pressure in the inner ear to subside.

In the second case, the damage had reduced hearing to about 90%, there was little blood and only some yellow waxy fluid. However, this time I started treatment about four hours after the injury. To prevent inflammation and speed healing, I decided to run CDS with DMSO into the damaged ear. So also into the inner ear. I made the mixture of water, CDS and DMSO. To do this, I mixed about 6 ml of water, 1 ml of CDS, and a drop or two of DMSO. With a pipette I have three ml of it. taken up and run into the ear, leave on for about five to fifteen minutes and then run out without rinsing. I generously spread the rest of the mixture around the ear with an extra drop of DMSO. I did that twice a day. The first evening I had little pain this time, which I relate to the DMSO. After one day the yellow fluid disappeared, after five days or so, the skin was closed, after a week or so the pressure gave way and after ten days I could hear well again. I did not use any other medications during the second incident.

The Basic Info on MMS/CDS. I recently received the following email from him.

Hello, my friend !
I am happy to share my experience with CDS. I got through the coronavirus without any problems. Only had a high fever for 3 days. The protocol I use is to take 10 ml of CDS in 1 liter of water on the first day, and after the same amount 10 ml of CDS in 1 liter of water, drinking a glass of it every 15 minutes.

My wife doesn’t want to take it and she lost the taste and smell for a few weeks. I hope more people start using it. I will continue to use it to keep my blood healthy and alkaline. Thanks for all the people who introduce me to this incredible solution.

I assure that this information is based on the pure truth. I myself got sick the last time four years ago, before I started using CIO2 to heal myself. Since then I have cured all kinds of viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases myself. During that time I was also able to use my knowledge of CIO2 to save two lives. Thanks also to, Jim Humble and everyone else, especially Andreas Kalcker, for continuing despite the strong headwinds.

So the report comes from my immediate family in Mexico and it must be mentioned that out of inexperience and caution they took very low doses of the CDS, which nevertheless already showed a very good effect:

The man (62 years) was diagnosed with Covid virus despite two Pfizer vaccinations. Likewise, his environment was then also quickly infected with it. Symptoms in him: fever, headache, loss of taste, descending oxygen levels in the blood, cough and shortness of breath. For the rest of the family, wife and children it was mainly headaches and fatigue, occasionally fever. After 2 weeks he was still not recovered, taste was still gone, oxygen fluctuated, then dropped again and was in the critical range of%-88% He was given some common medications and an oxygen machine. However, it hardly improved. He remained in the 85%-88% oxygen saturation range and still had shortness of breath and cough. The sense of taste was back, though.

He was visited at home by a doctor. After a glass of 2 ml CDS (with 2 hours distance to other drugs) the oxygen values improved from 88% to 92% within only 1 day. The condition remained stable. The next day he took the same amount of CDS. His condition remained stable, scores remained 90-92%. On the third day he got the same amount again and the oxygen remained stable at 92%.

On the fourth day they increased the CDS dose to 4 ml per glass and since then the values increased between 95-96%, his condition is stable again today. The doctor knew about CDS products and judged the product, as well as the video of Andreas Kalcker as serious and had no objections regarding the CDS intake, after he had a closer look at the Aquarius-pro-life product.

Maya G.

Hello, Ali,
I know your videos + book for a long time and have a nasty dangerous hunch that some possibly dangerous fake is running: Beware!!! I have already 6 years ago several times MMS and last twice CDL, thus chlorine dioxide solution 0.3% ordered and problem-free used, but today arrived from Amazon again 0.3% CDL, which smelled completely aggressively, as completely differently than my past CDL: I fear that now deliberately something falsified and probably dangerous is sold, in order to confirm these Fake infos of May and other mass media. On the 1 liter bottle it says: Made in Germany for Nature Total Ltd. Unit Level 14 (B) &14 (C) Main Office Tower Financial Park Labuan Complex Jalan Merdeka. 87000 Federal Territory of Labuan Malaysia, As Batch No. is indicated 429243738 But the manufacturer is missing !!!! Then also the BATCH No. is of no use.

This solution is blatantly (!) more aggressive than the MMS that I mixed myself according to instructions earlier and just as aggressive as CDL solution that I ordered on ebay already twice in the last 2.5 years. And a CDL solution I made myself according to Andreas Kalcker’s book and website is also not as aggressive. Since Amazon censors Andreas Kalcker’s book, I suspect there is a mess going on here to discredit CDL. Instead of a hint of mild chlorine smell, less than in a swimming pool, it stings the nose and does NOT smell like chlorine at all, so it is obviously not a chlorine dioxide solution at all, CDL – not even a more than 0.3% !!!! …
Erwin K.

Note from us: We cannot and do not want to evaluate the quality of products and suppliers from a distance. We have what we believe to be clean sources that supply worldwide listed under the Sources of Supply menu. In the meantime, chlorine dioxide products have become cheaper and cheaper. There is no reason to experiment with it for cost reasons. Anyone can also simply activate many drops of classic MMS and fill up the bottle with water and sell it as a chlorine dioxide solution. This is then not pH neutral! Furthermore, products from outside the EU are not approved for drinking water disinfection! Take care!

Hello, darlings,
here briefly my last MMS experience:
About 3 Weeks while shopping I suddenly had a belly button prolapse out of the blue. I immediately got chills and when I got home I had a fever of 39.5 degrees. Was able to push the umbilicus back in, but the fever remained. Didn’t have any CDS around right now, so I made myself 6+6 drops of MMS. Barely 10 minutes later the fever was gone, after 1 hour permanently normal at 36.8 degrees. I now treat the navel and its surroundings daily with the DMSO – magnesium chloride – procaine solution. So far everything is o.K.!

Kind regards


you can be protected from these new vaccines with a CDS injection.

I will most likely have to get vaccinated at my job or I won’t be able to continue working.


Hello, Walter,

we are currently getting a lot of questions regarding the latest vaccinations and CDS.

Unfortunately, there are no CDS injections available for purchase at this time. We do not give out any information about this, because we are not doctors or alternative practitioners here and it is too dangerous if laymen make mistakes with it.

But now for the good news:

All people who are still able to take CDS orally have no disadvantage! Chlorine dioxide gets everywhere in the body and does its job. So far, these injections are only an advantage for people who are no longer able to drink by themselves or, as Andreas Kalcker reports, have to be artificially ventilated.

About the planned vaccinations:

CDS can neutralize a lot of toxins and heavy metals in old previous vaccinations, but not completely! So who thinks he would be completely protected against vaccinations with CDS, he is wrong! The new mRNA vaccines contain substances that are supposed to change the DNA of humans. The effect of CDS here has not been researched and I would argue that CDS cannot work and protect well here.

The only consequence is NOT TO BE VACCINATED! No matter what they tell you or how much they try to limit your life. This is where you have to stand firm. Whoever says yes once here has not only said yes to a vaccination. They will find new mutations every year and want to vaccinate you every year. There will be no end to this until your life comes to an end.


I don’t care what it costs. It’s all cheaper to lose your job than your health and your life.

I had a bad headache after a cold. They grew more and more every day for the next 5 days. Especially at night it was so bad that I could only sleep at all with painkillers. A doctor took an x-ray after an exam and showed me the fluid buildup in the sinus/nasal cavity. He prescribed me antibiotics for 7 days, 3 times a day. I pocketed the recipe went home and made myself some CDS. 1 liter of water with 8 ml CDS in a bottle. Every 15 minutes or so I drank 125 ml up to 8 times a day. After 2 days the headache was gone and the sinus was clear. CDS helps me every time.

An acquaintance in Indonesia, in a place with very bad medical supply, complained about some complaints, which let think because of the symptoms of malaria. So we did a malaria quicktest. It was not malaria but possibly dengue fever, which is very common there. But it’s not certain. Anyway, he took MMS Protocol 1000 for two days with two drops of MMS every two hours. All symptoms disappeared, including the fever. After a few weeks he confirmed to me again that the disease had not recurred until then. To another acquaintance in the same village, I gave the MMS bottles when I left in 2018. He already knew the MMS applications of the Protocol 1000 because I had advised him to free his son from typhoid fever. When I returned in 2019, he told me he had applied the MMS throughout the neighborhood for the rainy season. Apparently for a total of 6 different diseases. Among other things, for his inflamed eyes!


A friend and another acquaintance both had their legs badly bruised in accidents. A colleague and also my father had torn tendons and muscles in the upper arm. One had surgery the other was too old for it according to the doctor. All these people applied a mixture for application of DMSO and arnica. Both high doses of arnica ointment and arnica tincture were used. All reported immediate relief of pain and very rapid healing. A friend used the same application for osteoarthritis in the upper arms, partly with CDS – Protocol 1000 with immediate effect. I used this mixture on a very bad bruise on my heel bone. I applied this mixture hourly with an additional few drops of Procaine for pain management. As a side effect, two old scars have almost disappeared (due to the procaine and also DMSO).


I had cut my thumb open with a heavy, unsharpened stainless steel plate to the point where the grease was oozing out. Sewing was out of the question. So I cleaned the open wound four times a day with MMS, added camomile baths and tea tree oil and some calendula ointment. It was my very first MMS application. I also took some every time I cleaned. I have never seen a large wound close so quickly in my life (approx. 1.5 mm skin growth per day!). And this in the tropics, where everything usually heals so badly. I regularly injure myself on the coral reef while surfing. In the tropics, that usually means the end of fun. I always disinfect the wounds with MMS and then dab them with tea tree oil. I often leave the Hyperfix patch on to preserve the new skin. So, despite continued daily surfing, the cuts often heal quite quickly, but at least without becoming infected.


I had a severe ear infection from surfing in Bali’s dirty water. The application after Jim Humble with MMS diluted and pipette had worked after two to three days. I dripped some MMS with water deep into my ear three times a day and waited a few minutes.


A week after a workshop I gave on Miracle Mineral solustion (MMS), my friend Carlos got a call from his mother in Equador. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer. He flew there immediately, and did 24 hours of research. His mother, who could do nothing else due to a lung disease, was ready. She immediately changed her eating habits. She started with CDS protocol. Every 15 minutes. CDS with DMSO for about 3 months + MMS skin protocol. Then she switched to MMS Protocol 1000 + DMSO at a relatively high dose for two months. In that time, her immune system increased tremendously. Her lung disease, which had forced her to wear an oxygen mask for 10 years, was almost gone. The tumor had encapsulated and had stopped growing outward. He was surgically removed. After two months, three small tumors grew back. Because of her new strength, she was now ready for radiotherapy, and the three tumors were destroyed. Her doctors were more than astonished. At first they hadn’t known what to say, but they didn’t advise her against it either, since they thought she should try everything possible. I met this 75 year old lady a few months later after she had taken a two day plane trip, full of vim, joy and laughter. Safe and sound, she said. “Without the MMS I would not be here.
I would be dead already.”


Scorpion sting, Scolopendra gigantea sting, hornet sting, red indo wasp sting.

In six instances with one of these four nasty friends, here’s what I’ve experienced. If possible immediately after the sting was taken 6-7 drops of MMS with DMSO. There was no or very little swelling and virtually no pain! I have personally been able to test all four – with and without MMS. I know all too well the effect of the stings without MMS! MMS is very effective here.


When I got the Indonesian flu in the past, I lay with fever and headache for about 5-7 days
flat. With MMS, that has come to an abrupt end. As soon as I feel the flu coming on (whether in Indonesia or in DE), I take 6 drops four hours before bedtime and another 6 drops before bedtime (so Clara’s 6+6 protocol). I’m fine the next morning and take a day of Protocol 1000. I have also had good experience with CDS – Protocol 1000 in the same case. If I didn’t make it in time, I take 4-5 drops of MMS with DMSO once an hour. Or 1 ml CDS with DMSO every half hour to max. hourly. I no longer get sick and can do all the normal activities up to and including surfing, despite having the flu. DMSO is now always included in all my CDS/MMS applications. An acquaintance in Indonesia asked me to give him something for his one year old child against flu and fever. I gave him a bottle with a drop of MMS. When it was empty, the next day, people there don’t take protocol 1000 very seriously, the child was healthy.


In a small village on a small island near Timor, there was an MRSA epidemic in 2018. I was just there. And I had with me: MMS, DMSO, calendula cream and tea tree oil. Friends of mine showed their open sores and I quickly found out it was staph. Since there was no proper medical care, I suggested trying MMS. A total of six sufferers took the MMS Protocol 1000 for a few days with 2-3 drops of MMS every two hours. In addition, MMS was applied with DMSO. In the case of two friends, I applied tea tree oil pure and the canlendula ointment afterwards. (Never apply tea tree oil with DMSO!).

PICTURE (click here)

In one girl, the infection in her lip was almost gone within 24 hours and completely healed after four days. In the case of the other friend, it was particularly bad and, in addition, she had a one-month-old baby to breastfeed, which was not allowed to become infected under any circumstances. But with the protocol 1000 and DMSO/MMS bandages, the huge wound on the leg closed within 24 hours and disappeared quite quickly, including. the other two pustules on her body. One of the affected had a fever at the same time, and had to work in a restaurant. With the help of Protocol 1000, she was very well again in just three days. I must say that these people there have a very good immune system in my opinion. Our kind has to be a little more patient with MMS for MRSA as well.

Maixsel, the three-year-old son of an Indonesian friend, was diagnosed with typhoid fever and treated with,
according to my research, completely the wrong medication.
He couldn’t keep the antibiotic tablets in anyway because he kept throwing up.
He had been sick for three weeks now and had lost a lot of weight, plus he couldn’t keep any water down.
I explained the use of Protocol 1000 to his father. And the boy got three drops a day in the bottle. This was kept up for almost 3 weeks. Meixel, who in the meantime was able to eat and drink again and had no fever for a long time, did not want to take the solution anymore. He was healthy. That was over two years ago now, and it hasn’t come back. Every time I meet the boy, he runs to me full of strength and joy and unconscious gratitude!

So I was at the bottom 5 years ago at about age 60. I had ataxia and quite severe nerve interference from the cerebellum to the body. Blood and liver tests were a disaster. My symptoms: wheelchair, difficulty swallowing to the point of respiratory failure and death. Ataxia is still not curable! I have had my laptop on for days and came across Mr Erhan. I was not afraid, took MMS at the beginning, later until today the CDS/CDL. When I wasn’t feeling well, I dosed higher. My hat is off to Mr Ali Erhan and Andreas Kalcker and I am back in full juice and working again 👍🏼👍🏼.. II would almost say that I am better off than I was 10 years ago!

Good evening

I would like to tell you about my experience with CDL. For half a year I suffered monthly from bladder infections and had to take antibiotics four times in these 6 months. I was able to keep the last inflammation in check with homeopathy and naturopathy, but I did not get rid of it.
By chance I found out about CDL and started with 8x daily 3 drops and am now after one week at 3x daily 15-20 drops. I don’t count anymore but take a whole pipette on a glass of water. I went by what I found on the internet, but I think your own body knows over time how much CDL it needs.
After three days the inflammation got worse, the urine was very cloudy, dark and smelled very strong. I continued anyway and now after 7 days I am symptom free, I even have clear morning urine which to me is bordering on miraculous!
On top of the CDL, I have also cut back on sugar before and have been very mindful of my diet, drinking plenty of fluids, and continuing to take my herbal teas and D-Mannose. However, CDL was clearly the missing piece of the puzzle that contributed to the full healing of my bladder.

Anyone who speaks ill of CDL, I can advise them to just try it out for themselves. In my case, I know bad publicity is publicity, because it’s only thanks to these negative people that I even thought of trying it myself! Because it’s clear to me that these people have never been to a poor country and/or have never been seriously ill, because if they had, these first-world-problem people would know that expensive lab medicine is not always the best solution.

All love
Daniela (Known to the editor)

I had a massive tonsillitis with lymph node swelling in the fall. I couldn’t swallow and just let the saliva run into a bowl while lying down. Medication did not help at all. After 3 days I remembered in the evening that I have everything.

I then sprayed pure CDS concentrate into a spray bottle and 6 – 8 strokes deep into my throat.

After an hour I could drink the first glass of water almost without pain. Much better the next day. Still a day later I was completely fit again.

Many greetings
Rudolf S. (Known to the editor)

I got my cat in 2019 when she was 5 months old from a shelter. She was emaciated to the bone, although she ate a lot. She had hardly any fur. A few days after she moved in, she suddenly got extreme diarrhea like water. This one just came out of her bottom no matter where she was. She was already extremely underweight and then had diarrhea. A fecal test confirmed giardia. But it was not a normal case, because she was extremely infested so that she would have had to be put down. No remedy from my vet has helped but rather made it worse. Her immune system became weaker and weaker and she got a sore throat and a cold with fever. Her appetite waned.
I started giving her MMS with half a drop 2-3 times a day. She was given zeolite and chlorella to eliminate the toxins.
Sometimes I gave her more MMS sometimes less, depending on her situation.
Her cold subsided and she ate again. After a month, she gained weight. The diarrhea was still there, but it was no longer spread around the apartment but in her toilet.
The diarrhea became less and less.
MMS continued to give her every day.
After 3 months she was not only diarrhea free but multiple fecal tests confirmed she no longer had giardia.
Today she is 1.5 years old. She has gained 3 kilos and is full grown. Has extremely full shiny coat and never had intestinal problems again. Not even her poop stinks and she’s never been sick again.
MMS saved the life of my beloved cat and built up her immune system to the full.
I encourage pet owners not to give up but to fight for their pet and trust MMS 100%. I mean it’s the only thing that really helps and saves.
L.C. (known to the editors)
Dear Mr Ali Erhan
I am Dr Aref Ghanbarzadeh and I have my clinic in Tehran / Iran.

I have been using CDS/CDL for many years on many patients with various conditions such as diabetic wounds and on cancer patients with great success .

I have already developed a pomade/cream for diabetic wounds and this pomade kills all microorganisms such as bacteria, vires and fungi, what ever there is.

I write you the ingredients of this pomade and maybe it can be useful for you and other doctors.
The pomade consists of : 1kg honey + 30 activated drops of MMS + 100ml DMSO +500-700ml olive oil + 5-10ml H2O2 35% + 3 teaspoons curcumin.

Preparation: First mix 30 drops of MMS well with 1 kilo of honey. Mix 100 ml of DMSO with 5 ml of H2O2 35%, it will be hot now. This is mixed with 500 – 700 ml of olive oil + 3 teaspoons of curcumin powder and then all mixed again with honey and the ointment is ready. The whole ointment must be divided into two large jars, as it first becomes foamy and can be glazed over. The ointment should not be put in the refrigerator. During use, the ointment must be well mixed.

Patients also took CDS orally during therapy as your protocols.
I have seen cancer patients with stomach carcinoma, bladder carcinoma, colon cancer, lymphoma treated with CDS + DMSO + sodium bicarbonate + zeolite with success. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
With kind regards

Dr. Aref Ghanbarzadeh

Note: With this email came dozens of photos about the successful healing process of open diabetic feet. However, these photos are very unappetizing for laymen and can be requested by alternative practitioners and doctors.

Second email from him:

The future of medicine is energy and information medicine

Dear Mr. Erhan, I would like to talk to you about the future of medicine and explain a few things about it.

It is time that all doctors of the world and the world population wake up and finally free themselves from this Pharma Mafia oriented orthodox medicine.

As you know Pharma-Mafia oriented orthodox medicine has been dealing for years with symptom treatment of diseases without eliminating the causes and it does this with full awareness because without eliminating the causes the symptoms of the diseases come back again, and so the Pharma – Mafia can continue to sell their drugs.

The healing always happens in the fourth and fifth dimension. In the physical body we have very limited influence on cellular events. As you know human body consists of over 70 trillion cells and in each cell according to Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp happens 100,000 biochemical reactions per second. And we with our current knowledge are not able to intervene in biochemical reactions of the cells, namely in a sick cell with 100,000 biochemical reactions per second, where and when with which drug we can intervene in biochemical reactions of the cell, that is currently theoretically and practically impossible. That means the real healing in third dimensional level (in physical body level) is not possible. But our three dimensional physical body fortunately has self-healing powers and we can only strengthen the self-healing powers of our body on this level (dimension) by paying attention to our nutrition (proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, etc.), body deacidification, environmental toxins, wave smog, stress management and hygiene.

But the healing always happens in 4th and 5th dimensions and not in the third dimension and we have access to these dimensions.

As you know, matter, in quantum physical terms, is ultimately made up of energy, information and vibrations. Since our physical body is made of matter, then our body is also made of energy, vibration and information. Our being consists of the physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body. Almost every disease has psychological and emotional causes.

Life is a cycle with permanent feedback.

First in the hierarchy is consciousness. and as you know, consciousness from the 5th dimension affects the field of quanta and photons in the 4th dimension.

The spiritual body, in conjunction with consciousness, represents the finest unity. If we have an undisturbed connection to our Higher Self, we can fulfill our creative mission.

It is therefore especially important to open this access as much as possible, because consciousness works on the quantum level and creates our reality. And that’s an important point. This means that with our consciousness with access in our primal matrix in energy, vibration and information level we can transform our physical-bodily reality for healing.

Isn’t that great? And that too without drugs and without the pharmaceutical mafia.

When treated with pharmaceutically produced drugs, the results are not as precise and coordinated. The chemicals that enter the body lack mastery of brain synchronization, instead of talking to the body and skillfully positioning and acting on them. They enter the cells of the body and leave side effects because they lack the synthetic component of consciousness.

Medical scientists have recognized the disappointing facts: The physical body is the best drugstore ever created, capable of producing much better sedatives and antibiotics than pharmaceutical companies. The difference is that the values given are always correct and up to date and have no side effects. The instructions of the drug are part of the drug itself, which is part of its structural understanding.

I have already treated many diabetes patients like type 1 and type 2 and many diabetes wounds like you have seen in the pictures, renal failure, cancer and many other diseases that you can see on my website ( ) , without chemical drugs.

All these wound patients should have had their feet amputated, but as you can see: all of them were healed. I’ll send you her medical history. We then treated the patients with quantum therapy or psychokinesiology further developed by Dr. Klinghardt and they got rid of their years of pain within seconds.

Pharma mafia is the second largest industry after the arms industry on earth . And it steals billions of dollars a day from the pockets of these poor people around the world. To put an end to this, we need first and foremost to educate the world’s population about the truth and at the same time push forward with, what I call energy and information medicine.

We already have great scientists, great personalities and doctors such as Dr. Klinghardt, Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, Dr. Probst, Dr. Ernico Edinger, Dr.Thomas Rau, Dr. Coldwell, Dr. Dieter Broers, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Gregg Braden, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Rath, Dr. Doepp, Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, Dr. Kalcker, Mr. Ali Erhan, Mr. Frank Kinslow, Dr. Richard Bartlett and many others.

These personalities have to get together and cooperate intensively scientifically, materially and financially.

We have nothing against conventional medicine, of course. I studied medicine in Berlin back in the 80s. For basic training of all doctors , emergency medicine, trauma surgery, infectious diseases, orthopedics and etc we need conventional medicine. َBut mainstream medicine should finally rid itself of the pharma mafia and lies and be at the service of humanity and not at the service of the pharma mafia.

I hope you will post this article on your website and you may post my sick pictures from my page in Akasha Congress if you appreciate it.

You can take more information from my website

With warm regards

Dr. Aref Ghanbarzadeh
Dear Doc,
we are very touched and inspired by your email here and will take this to heart. If I ever forget why I’m doing all this, your pictures of people who have been able to keep their feet will certainly remind me and motivate me to grow beyond my limitations in this matter. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Hello, I too would like to write something about this:
About 10 years ago (2009) I definitely had Lyme disease (hadn’t been to the doctor so he wouldn’t give me antibiotics because of gut bacteria). A red spot formed and it traveled up from the knee to the groin. I had already heard about MMS, got myself this remedy and took it for quite some time. Back then it was two doses a day, today I would do it differently. It tasted really not good and burned partly quite nice in the throat and stomach. To date (Feb. 2020) I have NO after-effects from the Borreliosis. But it is possible that there are still some in the body or their fragments. Will probably never know.
A few years later I got herpes zoster on my leg and sole. I took DCA (is extracted from dead ox bile) and externally on the pustules MMS. After 10 days the whole spook was over, the blisters fell off,no nerve pain and no scars either..
Hello here my MMS experience report:
I had severe grass pollen and birch pollen allergy with cross allergies to nuts. I have 2 x this year a 4-weekCure with chlorine dioxide done orally (protocol 1000 as well as 3-4 enemas with up to 3 drops of MMS) and I did 3-4 weeks of a greatly reduced sugar diet. Now I have almost no sugar cravings at all, I feel fitter and my blood results show a sharp drop (even below 2KU/L) in IGE antibodies (previously 138KU/L). I spoke by phone with the biologist who evaluated my blood and he himself confirmed that no allergy was detectable in my blood. I thought my experience would be helpful and interesting to you. LG, M. (editor known)

Examination results as PDF: blood results.

Hello MMS team,
First, I want to thank you for your videos.
I have had prostatitis for a month and have a hard time passing urine. I have taken MMS and DMSO but it did not help.
But it was very good for my blood work.
My cholesterol before mms was 244 after mms 116 incredibly awesome!
But I want to ask how I should take it because of the prostate.
I await your reply
thanks again
A. A.

Hello, A,

Thank you very much for your inquiry.
We are glad to hear that your cholesterol levels have dropped from 244 to 116 (even though there are opinions that high cholesterol is not a disease). We would like to publish these experiences – anonymously, of course.
Can you send us the labs?
DMSO is officially approved in Europe only for cystitis, i.e. cystitis. Please look in the green DMSO book by Dr. Hartmut Fischer how to treat cystitis/prostate with it.
We don’t have that much experience about it here.
Please also note that a problem elsewhere can cause fascia to shorten and this can lead to back pain and prostate problems. Just because the prostate is causing problems doesn’t mean it is the cause.
A doctor should also clarify whether it is just an inflammation or a severe enlargement. There may be some help. also cold therapies.
We wish you good luck and a speedy recovery.
Good day
I have a 3 year old female (mixed breed, 15 kg) who has caught grass mites. The beasts cause extreme itching. Within a few hours my dog scratched a 10 x 10 cm area bloody. The fur has fallen out, the skin has become inflamed, partly it has open sores and the worst: The wound is oozing and does not want to dry.Attached are a few photos.I could go to the vet, who supplies me with chemicals, antibiotics and many other medications. But I only want to do that if there’s no other way. Could MMS help her?
Hello, S,
Thank you very much for your inquiry. We know that in the chicken house the red bird mite can be treated very successfully with chlorine dioxide. These also lead to very violent itching and the chickens hack themselves bloody. We do not have findings on each mite species, but we assume that these above results are transferable. You could completely soak the dog in an MMS bath and leave it in for a few minutes. With such a small plastic tub we would activate and give so approx. 10-15 drops MMS (per from both bottles) to it. The cooler the water, the longer the chlorine dioxide remains dissolved in the water. Or you can make up a pump spray bottle with 3-4 activated drops and spray the coat completely several times a day. Good luck and get well soon!

Hello MMS team

I am happy to share my experience with you:
I made a mixture with 4 drops and sprayed my dog completely, with gloves spread all over the coat.
I did this once a day, for 3 consecutive days.
The mites are gone. The itching too. The skin has healed (open, weeping wound) and after 1 week almost the complete fur has grown over it again.
What a success!
My dog and I say THANK YOU!🌹
Photos insert: Before use with MMS. All this disappeared within 3-5 days!
Now I have another question: I was bitten by a dog this morning. While not bad/deep, it’s also more than a scratch. I have now made a mixture with 5 drops and sprayed. I will repeat that several times today. Should I also take the mixture orally to kill any germs in the body? I have no experience with the oral intake.
When in doubt, I go to the doctor. But if it can be done without antibiotics, I’d prefer it.
Kind regards

I had had cardiac arrhythmias, so-called “benign” ones, with a healthy heart for several years, but they did not bother me. In April, so about 4 months ago the situation worsened and it was really really bad. I did not tolerate the medicines very well, had problems again and again, I started with a MMS 1000 protocol right away, but interrupted it partly because of the health problems. But took 6 drops of MMS every day afterwards as well and was soon to have a catheter ablation to remove the triggering areas. But before that I should do a long term ECG with reduction of medication (which eliminates the extra beats). I not only reduced the medication, I stopped it completely – and then I got the result with 0 extra beats and an ECG result that also corresponds completely to a healthy person, so the earlier problems have also completely disappeared. Thank you, it really is a miracle.
Charlotte, 51 years Vienna

Test results as PDF:
Cardiac arrhythmia examination results

[icon name=”arrow-circle-o-right” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]Our response:

“Hello Charlotte,

thank you very much for this email.
You’re saving the day today. 🙂
We are so happy for you.
It may be (pure theory from us medical laymen) that you had a chronic heart muscle inflammation that was responsible for these irregularities. This can also be triggered (as Jim Humble kept mentioning) by bacteria in the mouth. So the MMS may have successfully fought both the causative and secondary infection.

And now your heart is doing what it’s supposed to and everything is working normally again.

and get well soon from all our hearts!

You are encouraging many others with this testimonial!”

Dear Sir or Madam

Since some time I have MMS drops in my house and I would like to share my personal experiences with you on the basis of 2 examples.

a) Cold: If I feel it comes a cold with scratching in the throat, dripping nose and chills, I take approx. 4 times 6 drops MMS over 2 days distributed. So far, it has always helped and the cold has not even come to the outbreak or disappeared very quickly.

b) Wart treatment: 1 drop of MMS up to 3 times per day on the wart and after about 1 week the wart is gone. Note: Only regular use will make the warts disappear. (I have applied the activated MMS undiluted and washed off after approx. 1 to 2 minutes under running water, please test yourself on the basis of the skin compatibility).
I can’t imagine my household without MMS.

Kind regards
Andreas S.

Dear Sirs,

with MMS I could completely heal my tennis elbow (periosteum inflammation) within three days.
In order to be able to insulate the upper part of the cellar wall from the outside, I dug a narrow trench along the cellar wall with a small shovel. After two days of work, I could barely move my elbow. Since I had hurt my hand, I thought of a bacterial infection (tetanus, which was nonsense of course) and took immediately 15 drops of the mixture MMS and citric acid (50%) (note of the editors: recommended is meanwhile the better tolerated 4% hydrochloric acid as activator and such high single doses should be dared only after previous testing with small doses). Because of the pain I went to a specialist for general surgery on the same day, who immediately put me on sick leave for a week because of the periosteum inflammation he had diagnosed – I had never thought of such a thing before – and also gave me an arm splint because I refused the cortisone which was to be injected. In the afternoon and evening I took another 15 drops of the mixture. The next day I hardly felt any pain in my elbow, but continued to take the mixture three times as I had the day before, and the day after that the pain was completely gone. Since I didn’t trust it, I stayed at home that day, so I didn’t go to work. Unfortunately, on the same day, I made the mistake of using loppers to cut a larger branch off a tree with a lot of effort. The day after, the pain was back. Once again I took the mixture with the same results as before and was able to go back to work after not even a week of downtime.

Unfortunately, since I was cured, I did not go back to the specialist to have the cure confirmed.

With kind regards
Reinhard R.

Dear Mr. Erhan,

I don’t want to let the year end without thanking you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and also your great website!

I had – without being particularly ill – already taken MMS many years ago according to the “old school”, i.e. with citric acid as activator and remember times when I went to the shop (after already 8 drops) with nausea and got through the day. I had decided at the time not to get back into it until I had a serious illness. Today my health is unchanged, thank goodness, but I discovered your website at some point and finally got back to it.

The brilliant summary of the facts, the MMS book and the webinar are absolutely great and leave no confusion! Thank you very much for this! MMS, CDSplus and DMSO have been “permanently present” in our house for some time now. I have already solved a lot with it this year, e.g. terrible stinging blacks (with MMS and DMSO no problem…) or tooth foci, which really bothered me and which are now simply gone, with CDSplus and DMSO. (I think the dentist would have just pulled the teeth, which is not an option). And my sister and I also managed a basal cell carcinoma in my father (92)!

Wishing you a happy new year and a great new year 2019.

Yours, Andreas L. from M. (known to the editors)

Hello Ali!
I have now seen a few YouTube videos of yours and would now just like to briefly use this way to share my experience with MMS with you! Briefly to my person: My name is M. I am 34 years old and live in Leipzig and work professionally at the German Red Cross in the rescue service as an emergency paramedic!

But am currently on leave for 6 months because I am traveling Southeast Asia So much for my story. I had a very persistent eye infection sometime in my early 20’s where it turned out to be herpes in my right eye. In January 2012 I had a recurrence which dragged on for over 2 years. After 2 years of tons of cortisone antibiotics and am aciclovir tablets and ointment I still had 30% vision due to a large scar. Now on 17.12.2017 the eye started again to make really strong problems and that in Southeast Asia. I immediately went to the pharmacy to get Aciclovir and cortisone and lo and behold the eye infection subsided, but only as long as I took the Aciclovir. But after the 30 tablets of the strong viral medicine were used up, the eye really started to get inflamed. I have then diligently researched what the alternative possibilities would be and then stumbled by chance on MMS which I had already edge but never tried! Then, thank God, I discovered a health food store in Bali where MMS was on the shelf! I suspended it of course immediately, first in the evening 2 drops the next morning 5 and the following evening 10 drops, that eye became immediately better not only the eye but in the course of the journey I developed an acne on the back which withdraws straight completely! Disadvantages of the whole caused by my overzealousness are by the repeatedly used 10 drops: headaches, lack of concentration, nausea, etc.. I am now reducing the dose to small portions spread over the day and hope that these complaints will soon subside! In addition I must say that I rather have these complaints than nen herpes in the eye, which is really very painful and unpleasant! That was the short version of my MMS post I think MMS saved my trip….
Greetings from Bali…

Dear Mr. Erhan,
we have been very great admirers of Jim Humble for years. The Akasha Congress is again a must for us. On our first visit we learned so many new things that changed our lives. My wife and I have had very good experiences with MMS for some time now – no matter what illnesses we have, it works!!! My wife had severe pneumonia and we treated that with CDS only instead of antibiotics. After one week the complaints were gone and my wife was fit as a fiddle again.

I had long problems with high blood pressure and suffered greatly from the side effects of antihypertensives. I stopped taking them and drank CDS every day – and what can I say? My blood pressure is suddenly stable – even the doctors were amazed when I revealed what I was taking instead of their medication. It just seems fantastic.

(Notes: There are many possible causes of high blood pressure and this is a single experience that we take benevolently for collection).

Dear Jim Humble,

Thank you very much for your great work especially your way of standing like a rock against all these resistive currents.

I run a repair business for bakery machines. Often the work is very hard and therefore my immune system is often weakened. In recent years, the frequency of herpes outbreaks in the mouth region, i.e. on the lips around the lips and in the mouth area, has increased to such an extent that I have been looking for solutions. But I did not find any at least none on the general manipulated market.
After many relatives and acquaintances fell ill with cancer and I was more and more confronted with the health care system, I started looking for alternative healing methods. Went over electromedicine from Ronald Royal mature through Hulda Clark to the present.
That means all books read all materials ordered all equipment tested and logged.
My office became more and more a research lab as I am fundamentally a technician and skeptic and generally test everything.
Now one may not deny me the confidence that I have towards people, but I would like to be able to report considerably from my experience repertoire and from my feelings.
One day I met a young man who should have been dead a long time ago. He had his car repaired by my former co-partner at the auto shop and was standing at the lift.
I asked him immediately what had happened, since he was supposed to have died long ago according to his own statements, and he answered “well, chlorine dioxide MMS 1”.
I’d never heard of that. He told me about his story and gave me the web address of you. I downloaded the ebook and got the middle and immediately started taking protocol 1000. The first days I had considerable herxheimer-reaction which I however Inkaufnahm. I carried out this entire treatment for six weeks. The only thing I did differently than in the protocol is that I filled the DMSO in appropriate dilution separately in a water bottle and drank to the intake of MMS 1. I did this very disciplined for six weeks.
The result today is something to be proud of. I haven’t had herpes blisters in a year. This year I have done considerably more work than before. I no longer had any signs of any herpes blisters in my mouth or on my lips or around my mouth. Thus I can say it that the statement of the medicine, “herpes incurable”, “herpes one has his life long”, is simply not true.
True, I live in a capitalist system that acts in its interest and not mine.
What does a capitalist system have to gain from curing me by the simplest of means. Actually, the capitalist would rather have my money in his wallet than have me keep it. And this is exactly what has top priority in health and medicine, even in the pharmaceutical cartel. Profits profits no matter what.
If this method were to be published, doctors would lose their patients, pharmacies their customers, and the pharmaceutical cartel its profits.
That’s probably why I never heard about it.
I am grateful to the fate that I met the florist in Uschlag in my former workshop, and got such valuable information from the mouth of a concerned person.
In the meantime, I have also recommended this method to friends, and the results are impressive.
For example, a root canal treatment was to be performed on a friend. The tooth was inflamed the cheek was thick.
I felt here a treatment with CDL and DMSO exactly according to the protocol of Jim Humble gave her the eBook.
The very next day the inflammation at the root of the tooth was gone the cheek was swollen and I received an excellent phone call with the exclamation: “what a miracle what a miracle”.
So this method will spread like a snowball system around the planet whether the oligarchs want it or not it is already in full swing.
You have given something wonderful to the people there.
Alone the reports about cured malaria in Africa moved me very much and I can understand it after my healing to be free of herpes to 100% because this method works. The healer is right, and the healed proves it by his person and his speaking.
Keep up the good work, I will definitely become a sustaining member.
Yours sincerely, K. W. (name is known to us)

My smoker’s cough is gone by taking MMS in combination with DMSO and I can only say that I felt enormously better within a few days. I have been smoking for 30 years and have had a very severe cough accompanied by shortness of breath. That is over now and I feel energetic and can finally breathe properly without coughing!!!! I also got the periodontal disease under control by mouth rinses with MMS and DMSO, the first two weeks daily, then 2 times a week. Previously, my dentist said that I would lose my teeth as some of them were already wobbling. But now they are really firmly anchored in the gums and the build up of the gums is visible!!!! My dog had a really severe inflammation from a tick bite. MMS sprayed on the spot and at the same time 2 drops of MMS dissolved in water injected into the mouth. After 2 days there was nothing to see. I always decide how many drops intuitively and so far everything has worked wonderfully and I am so thankful for that!!!!

Dear Ali Erhan,

a thousand thanks for your super page and the many, so well prepared information! I’ve heard of MMS before, but always in such a form that it never really appealed to me. Here it was completely different. Your book and the lectures I have heard from you have hooked me so much that I have tried it myself.

I wasn’t actually sick, I wasn’t in pain, I wasn’t aware of any problems. But the prospect of being able to kill disease-causing bacteria, fungi and germs with chlorine dioxide (if I did have any) was too tempting.

Interesting was the very first glass I held, mixed by myself. Although I had read your book attentively and, with my engineering mind, found it very comprehensible that chlorine dioxide can in no way cause damage, I suddenly had misgivings. It was like black magic! Hadn’t some doctor warned against the irresponsible madness of uninformed people poisoning themselves? At the same time, I consider myself to be very well informed and someone who looks behind the scenes. That’s exactly why I was very surprised about my reaction and I asked myself, how will a mainstream brainwashed person react then?! So this permanent agitation does have an effect!

But not a real deterrent for me. Fortunately! The first glass I drank very cautiously in the smallest dosage, but then I quickly became more courageous and carried out the 1000 protocol for three weeks.

When I said I had no complaints, that wasn’t quite right. I have always had an inflamed throat for many years now. After every roll, lunch, cake, etc. something stuck with me. The result was that after every meal I had to cough, clear my throat, cough again…. That lasted sometimes gladly half an hour or longer! Every day! Fortunately for me, though, it was all without pain. I had already gotten so used to it that I consciously didn’t even notice it anymore. It was just part of life for me. But those around me, especially my wife, were very annoyed by it. Are you finally done coughing? I’ve heard that before…

Then, after about 2 weeks of 1000s of protocol, my wife suddenly said to me, “Say, you just ate and you’re not coughing anymore! Indeed. That’s when I first realized it. The throat and the upper part of the esophagus were suddenly free! Completely! It had been for days, I just hadn’t really noticed. Nothing stuck, nothing scratched, I didn’t have to cough anymore! That was fabulous! An inflammation was healed that I had not been aware of because it had been part of my life for years. Away! Just like that, gone!! Wonderful!!!

Dear Ali, that’s partly to your credit! A result of your wonderful work! Thanks a million!!!

However, now an addendum. I then dropped MMS. And lo and behold, after about 3 weeks this coughing irritation came back, much weaker, but still as a small recurrence. Fortunately, I now started to look into the New Medicine, and it quickly became clear what was causing the inflammation: a chunk conflict, something I couldn’t swallow. Specifically: all the lies in the press, the suppression of alternative healing methods (like MMS, New Medicine…), all the political insanity, the criminal wars of the supposedly free democratic world all that was hard for me to swallow. Result: inflammation of the throat and upper esophagus.

I am now in the process of solving this problem by changing my thinking. Because this is the cause of the inflammation. Because you are absolutely right: MMS does not cure anything. But it gives relief, strength to new insights and a sense of what healing can look like if the cause of the disease is not started over and over again by wrong thinking and judging.

I’m sure I’ll get it all right. But the trigger for this was the unbelievable experience of the effect of MMS which I had not expected at all at this point!!!

Dear Ali Erhan, I don’t expect an answer from you. I know you get a lot of mail. This report is just to give feedback and a heartfelt thank you. If you want to post it as a field report (in whole or in part), I don’t mind. I even believe that many people in the trutherscene have the same problem; at least one friend, who also looks very closely at the abuses in the world, has exactly the same problem.

All the best to you and continue to have strength, confidence and energy for your so important educational work!

Dipl.-Ing. B. D., Studienrat (name known to the editors)

Here is the experience of an expatriate who used MMS to bring a lot of help to an African country. He is always in touch with our MMS team. We do not give the country and the full name of this friendly helper here, because then there are usually problems on the spot.

“My activities in an African country:


Patient diagnosed with arthritis was in constant pain, often at night. The pain could also be localized, in the knees. People are very suspicious here and I gave her a sample solution on her knees, a few drops on and lightly spread. I gave this patient DMSO in about 80% solution. After about 5 minutes she moved her legs. When I asked her what was wrong now, she replied that the pain was gone. She wanted this remedy immediately and badly.


A patient came in for malaria, diagnosed. I gave him 18 drops of MMS, activated and told him to drink this glass all at once before going to bed. The next morning Malaria was gone. A retest proved this.


A patient came to me complaining of typhoid fever, which had been troubling him for a long time. I gave him 3 daily doses of MMS, 24 drops each activated. On the second day he felt bad and felt like he was going to throw up. I told him to skip a dose. On the third day he got diarrhea. By the fourth day both the diarrhea had ceased and typhoid had disappeared.


The patient felt listless, coughed often and felt very ill. On top of that, she also had a stomach ache. I gave her a daily dose of MMS with 24 drops. The next day after that was symptom free.

Coughing fits in a child at 9 months:

For the child I created a special syrup from sugar and water. In it I activated 3 drops of MMS. This dose should be taken within 3 days with a teaspoon.

After two days the cough was gone.


Mother had asthma and I gave her a dose over 4 days, 24 drops activated daily. After these 4 days asthma was gone. This has been going on for about 6 months now.

Kidney pain:

I myself was in the villages for a few days and rode as a pillion on a motorcycle without negligently protecting my kidneys. The result was inflammation of the kidneys, very painful. My wife applied DMSO to the aching kidney three times a day, which was a regular relief. After 3 days the inflammation was gone – until today, after 6 months.

Gastritis (Ulcers):

A patient came with diagnosed gastritis and had been under treatment of a conventional doctor for more than 8 months – without success. Again and again he was given other tablets. And again and again the same result – without success. He came to me because the doctor told him that this would be the last attempt and if this did not help, he would most likely get cancer. So startled, he appeared at my house. I told him to stop taking the pills and to take my daily doses instead, 3 daily doses of 24 drops of activated MMS each.

After two days he appeared with a broad smile and without pain. The result in the hospital showed – without findings. The attending physician who had been treating this patient for all these months had not asked, since cancer had been announced and now without findings.

Gastritis longstanding:

A friend asked for treatment for painful gastritis. I gave him a dose for two days. Afterwards he gave me the answer that it was somewhat better, but still had to suffer great pain. I gave him 2 day doses again, due to other results, which healed after 3 days at the latest. After those 4 days the response was again the same, slightly better, but still pain. I gave him 2 daily doses again, which finally worked and the disease was gone. When I asked him how long he had had this gastritis, he replied, for about 10 years and without any medication. He only took painkillers, which of course further led to deterioration.

Hoarseness, diabetes, loss of voice, coughing fits, foot injury:

A seminar leader came to me asking for help because he can no longer give seminars. Every time he started to speak, he would have a coughing fit. I gave him 3 daily doses of activated MMS (24 drops). After three days, he came to see me. His voice was back. The treatment was finished. No, he wanted more cans. When I asked him why, since his complaints had disappeared, he replied that his eyes were better now too. I looked at him for a long time and then asked him if he had diabetes. He replied in the affirmative. So, MMS can be taken not only purposefully, also other illnesses can be healed as “side effect”. It was only recently that I met him again. He had kicked a nail into his foot and it swelled up like a balloon. All the pills and pharmaceuticals didn’t help, whereupon he came looking for me since I had moved. I looked at the foot and got the story/cause from him. He spoke so incidentally of bathing his foot every evening with hot water!!!! I just looked at him with wide eyes and asked him if the treating doctor had not told him that hot water, i.e. heat, is harmful to the foot, as the bacteria, which are obviously present, are very conducive to their multiplication. He looked at me with wide eyes and promised not to do that from now on. I give him DMSO to apply and for oral intake, two tablespoons of DMSO three times a day, preferably mixed with lemon juice. Treatment has started and will take about 3-5 days as the foot has already swollen into a balloon.

asthma, open wound:

I had several complaints with one family. The wife and one child had asthma. I gave MMS for both, for the mother start with 8 drops up to 24 drops, slightly increasing. For the child with 10 years I gave 4 drops increasing up to 12 drops. For the husband, the initial problem was an open wound on his lower leg that would not close. I examined this wound and suspected that the man had diabetes. His corpulence also suggested that. To be on the safe side I asked about the eyes and if there were sometimes problems with them. He answered in the affirmative and I produced MMS on the spot. He was given 12 drops as a starting amount, quickly increasing to 24 drops. My demand after about 2 weeks: The wife you the child are healthy. The wound on the husband’s lower leg is closed and healing. The eye problems are gone. He’s on a good path. We are now treating the diabetes.

Kidney pain:

One patient complained of kidney pain radiating down the back and forward. I gave him MMS, Activator and DMSO with instructions so that he could mix the doses himself, as I was expecting the treatment to take a little longer and I don’t normally stay on site. After about 5 days I got the news, the kidney problems are gone.

Bladder infection:

A friend had a bladder infection for a long time. It already seems to be becoming chronic. I initially gave him a dose for 4 days of 24 drops of MMS each. Unfortunately, this was not successful. Now he received another dose over about a week. I also gave him DMSO to mix in with each dose (2 tablespoons). There has been an improvement. Treatment’s working.

Vaginal fungus:

By now several women have come, all with vaginal fungus, creamy white discharge with a slight fishy smell. I gave them a dropper bottle of MMS concentrate of 10 drops to 30ml. One patient was given 30 drops to 30ml because the fungus was already very advanced. After 2 to 4 days the fungus was gone. Only one patient continued to complain. Upon closer examination of the circumstances, it was clear to me that this fungus could never go away as long as the husband/boyfriend continued to practice sex with her, without a condom of course. After extensive consultation for both parties, the fungus was also gone after about 5 days.

Acne, severe infestation m face:

A woman of about 35 years came and asked me for a solution to treat her skin rash. She had already tried a vast amount of various ointments, powders, steam baths and whatnot. The doctors’ advice was also unsuccessful. The principle is usually the same. If an external infection can be ruled out, the focus of the disease is internal. So the problem must be tackled from within. I asked her how she wanted it, fast and with problems or slow without problems. She decided to go for FAST. I gave her a 3-day dose of 24, 28, 32 drops each, to be taken 8 times daily over the weekend. And it happened as advertised. She felt very miserable, had nausea, later diarrhea. But she persevered. Two days after the treatment she came back, without a rash and overjoyed. That said, I will no longer use these high doses.

Eye pain:

A patient came in with eye problems, red under the eyes, painful. She came from the clinic, which had been unable to help her for weeks. I gave her a dropper bottle with a mixture of MMS and distilled water, 5 drops to 60ml. She dripped the solution several times a day and was rid of the problem after about 5 days.

Arthritis, woman, 74:

The son of this patient called me and wants to come with his mother, about 40 km away. Both came, but couldn’t come to me because the mother couldn’t walk, and had been for about 5+ years. So I came to the car and treated her there. I gave her a first treatment with DMSO on her knees. After about 5 minutes, she told her son (in Swahili) that the pain was gone. I then helped her son get his mother out of the car and try to take his first steps. As the mother was surprised by this result, she agreed. She walked, supported by both of us about 5 meters and back, which was a new experience for her. After about 2 weeks, I asked her son how his mother was doing. He replied to me that she now walks around the house on her own, without pain.

Arthritis, woman, 28 years old..:

A patient’s brother came to pick me up on his motorcycle. I found his sister lying in bed, paralyzed. She could neither walk nor eat on her own. The entire body was fixed, including the hands. My first questions were, color of urine, amount of fluid intake, consumption of red meat. All the answers pointed to arthritis, even though this patient is only 28 years old. I put DMSO on her hands, inside and out, elbows, knees, hips and ankles. I was told that the patient had been to several doctors for about 3 months and none could help her. Even large clinics were not helpful.

After about 10 minutes, I asked the patient to make a fist. She did. The brother and other people in the room were very surprised, because up to this point no one could help. The patient had completely given up on herself by this time. After this effect, I asked the patient to bend her leg. She was very shaky at first. I helped her with one leg. When this was also possible, we put on the other leg. Everyone involved stood there with their mouths open, unable to believe it. I handed over a drop bottle with DMSO, to be applied 5 times a day. Two days later I came to check the progress. I found the patient sitting in the garden, leaning against a mattress, holding a cup of tea in her hands, talking animatedly. By now word had spread about this unexpected improvement. I stayed for about an hour. Before leaving the place, I asked the patient to get up, which she refused at first. I assured her that I was here to help her. She took my hand and slowly stood up. Astonishment spread. I asked the patient to leave, which she did. We walked down the garden, into the house, down the hall to the living room. There she sat, visibly pleased.

Two days later I received word that the sister was walking around the house singing on her own. The treatment is continued.

These are the first reports from Africa. I live in N.

It is not necessary to give my full name. I wouldn’t want to wake sleeping dogs. It is sufficient to draw either without a name, as F.P. or as Fredrick.

Hello MMS team,

here are more reports from Africa.

Earache, asthma, tonsillitis:
A mother came to me a little distraught because her daughter is scheduled to have her tonsils out at 4 1/2 years old. The doctor at the clinic decided that the tonsils could not be saved and that the only way to cure them was to remove them.
At the same time, he was diagnosed with asthma and sold an inhaler along with consumables.
I advised her not to have her tonsils removed, as this would increase the risk of infection later on, as the tonsils are supposed to protect against infection, among other things.
I gave her CDL for the daughter and a mixture to gargle with, to be taken in portions. Since she also went to preschool and therefore can’t continue the hourly intake, I gave another spray bottle for her to use during preschool. After 5 days the tonsils were healthy again.
Now the mother was thrilled. Her husband also rejected his prejudices. She came again and asked for a solution against asthma, since officially asthma cannot be cured. But before I made a mixture, I still questioned the situation.
I asked her about it, when the child gets a coughing fit and uses the inhalation spay, does the coughing fit stop. She replied that the spray had no effect. Then it’s not asthma. The doctor gave a wrong diagnosis. I gave her a CDL mix to take. A week later she was healthy.
After that, the mother came to me again because the daughter complained of severe ear pain. Previously, the mother was in the hospital for this and received treatment and was supposed to come back with the daughter after a week. In the meantime, I gave the daughter CDL drops to put in the hurting ear. She should make sure that the drops reach the very bottom of the ear.
2 days later the pain was gone. She still went to the hospital, to the same doctor who treated the daughter
He examined both ears and then asked the mother which ear was the most inflamed. The doctor was astonished to find that there was no longer any inflammation, and dismissed them both, not without astonishment in his face. This is what the mother told me on the phone with thieving glee.

Annotation. Like last time, please post anonymously.
Still trying to get contacts to get an exchange of experiences together.
Currently I am making a list of diseases, with a combination of various remedies (MMS/CDL, Borax, Magnesium, DMSO, MMS2.
Would still like to find out what combinations to use/can use to fight disease better.

Had a friend to Germany a few months ago a combination of the remedies, packaged in bottles and dropper bottles. His daughter has diabetes. At customs the package was intercepted and it took a lot of negotiation by my friend to get customs to release this package.
Here I get borax without problems, sodium chlorite and also calcium hypochlorite (MMS2). Only if I would send this to Germany it will be intercepted by customs.My idea was to use this easy shopping opportunity and send it to interested people. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

Many greetings
(name is known)

For many years I was searching for a person who would heal me. From my physical and mental ailments.
I read almost everything by Edgar Cayce, but Edgar Cayce had died by that time. Then I heard of the healer Daskalos in Cyprus, but he too was already dead. I met two of his students, but they could not help me. At the suggestion of one of them I went more than ten times to a Filipino healer in Vienna, in the end without the desired success. Then I turned to Shannon McRae, a well-known healer in the USA, also without success. I occupied myself intensively with the thoughts of Eckhart Tolle, but I did not really succeed in coming into the “now”. Personal contact with him, which would have been helpful, seemed impossible to establish.
I was always looking for an external healer and should have known that it doesn’t work that way, that you can’t “delegate” your problems to someone else who would fix everything. Hadn’t a doctor told me many years ago that man must be ripe for healing? Intuitively gifted people independently told me I needed to heal myself. But how?
I wasn’t ready for the cure. Not yet. It wasn’t until I realized that real healing comes from within that my situation changed. I was first introduced to Joe Dispenza by a healer, and I meditated for a few weeks following his instructions. I felt that change, inner change, was actually possible. But in the end I got nowhere And then I discovered MMS for myself.
MMS was not new to me, as my wife had discovered Jim Humble’s book years ago. She had then taken MMS for a while, and then it stood in the cupboard for many years until I finally came across the book by Ali Erhan: “Healing with MMS?”. I roughly followed Protocol 1000, in part with DMSO, and was so thrilled with the success that I gave the printed book away several times. Ali offers personalized advice, which was very appealing to me. But after a few e-mail contacts it turned out that he lives in Cyprus (!) and a personal conversation was not so easily possible. But he said advice should be available via Skype or on the phone. I didn’t like the idea, and I was about to give up. Tough luck again. But Ali didn’t give up, he wanted my phone number and called just a few minutes later. It wasn’t me who made the contact, it was the counselor/healer who took care of me. That was new to me. And beautiful!
The phone call with Ali was very good, I felt like I was on the same page with him. He first informed me about a number of remedies (today one says almost disparagingly:food supplements) that would support me with my chronic leukemia. Then it was about spiritual things: that MMS also had a spiritual dimension. That I was created in the image of God, so I also had the power to change, but that I had to say concretely what I wanted. Because: “In the beginning was the word”. This wasn’t new to me at all, I’ve known the quotes mentioned for a long time, and yet it took on a new power for me in that phone call. There was nothing overtly spectacular about the continuation of the conversation either, so I wondered all the more about the consequences. Because that night I found it hard to sleep, feeling “high” in some way. And in the days that followed, it was almost palpable: I had changed. Inside. And now feel “ready” for a real healing process.

Here could be your field report…

List with MMS healing successes

This is an incomplete list of experience reports of reported successful internal and external healing treatments with MMS, CDS, CDSplus, chlorine dioxide and DMSO. It turns out that most of the epidemically spreading diseases of civilization are probably due to infections, deficiency symptoms and poisoning. Klick one of the following .
green-marked diseases.
and you will get to the appropriate page! You can find videos and info on all non-labeled diseases in the menu items “.
other diseases 1.
” and “.
other diseases 2.

actinic keratosis
Allergic bronchial aspergillosis.
Alzheimer’s disease
Amyothrophic lateral sclerosis ALS
Amebic dysentery.
Ankylosing spondolitis.
athering atheroma
visual disturbances
Autoimmune diseases
Tapeworm infections
Basal Cell Carcinoma
Pancreatic diseases
Pancreatic Cancer
Bazin disease
beta thalassemia minor
Bipolar disorders
bladder infections
blood sponge
Lyme disease
Breast Cancer

Chikungunya infection

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome CPPS
Chronic depression
Chronic obesity
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic kidney disease.
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Cervical Syndrome
ulcerative colitis
Cushing’s Syndrome
Colorectal Cancer
Dengue fever

Diabetes mellitus types I and II

Plantar warts
Circulation disorders
Eppstein Barr virus disease
Common cold
erythema nodosum
Cervical Cancer
Joint pain / inflammation
Yellow Fever
Giardia lamblia
Hearing Loss
Hair loss
Sore throat
urinary tract infection
skin rash
Skin fungus
Skin cancer
Yeast infections
Hepatitis A,B,C
Herpes labialis, genitalis.
herpes zoster
Cardiac arrhythmias
Inflammatory heart disease
Hay fever
Human papillomavirus HPV
Human meningitis
Idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy
Interstitial cystitis
Insect bites
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Jaw inflammation
Bone pain
Bone Cancer
Knee pain
Varicose veins
Various cancers
Food poisoning
Lung Cancer
lupus erythematosus
Lyme disease
Gastric Ulcers
Gastrointestinal infections
Metastases in bones
Metastatic breast carcinoma
Crohn’s disease
Cushing’s disease

MRSA infection

Morbus Dupuytren
Mosquito bites
multiple myeloma
multiple sclerosis (MS)
muscular rheumatism
Muscle tension
Muscle pain
Muscle strains
Muscle tension
myasthenia gravis
Myocardial Infarction
Mycoplasma diseases
Nail fungus
Nail diseases
Scar problems
Nasal congestion
Kidney disease
Kidney stones
Kidney failure
Kidney Inflammation
Norovirus infection
Open leg
Ear infections
Esophageal Diseases
Ovarian Cyst
Parasite infestation
Parkinson’s diseaset
Pfeiffer’s glandular fever
sinus mycosis
Fungal diseases
Pollen allergy
Q Fever
Restless Legs Syndrome
Irritable Bladder
irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
Rheumatic pain
Scarlet fever
Thyroid Diseases
Heavy metal poisoning
Swine flu
shigellosis (dysentery)
sickle cell anemia
Sun allergy
genital thrush
Spinal Stenosis
Tension headache
ankylosing spondylitis
Vocal fold paralysis
Frontal sinusitis
Frontal sinusitis
Tuberculosis TBC
Trigeminal neuralgia
skin burns
skin scalds
Atrial Fibrillation
Diaper rash
Wound healing disorders
Gum bleeding
Tooth gingivitis
tooth root inflammation
tick bite
cystic fibrosis.

This list is neither technically correct nor complete. However, it shows that most illnesses are due to germs or poisoning. Chlorine dioxide can safely address both. At first glance, one would doubt that a remedy should be such a jack of all trades. But MMS actually only cleanses the body water and most diseases then disappear by themselves.

I do not claim, if you have one of the above diseases, that MMS will work 100% for you. This would require numerous evidence-based double-blind studies in each individual case. In addition, the reasons for the development of a disease are often very diverse and individual. What helps wonderfully with one, helps the other a little and the third not at all. I will write more about this elsewhere. However, there are many individual reports or summarized reports of experiences, which may at least give hope. Everyone should at least have knowledge of these experiences. Whether one decides then for or against such a self-treatment with MMS, everyone decides please in self-responsibility.

Conclusion: There are very well numerous proven and successful treatments with MMS / chlorine dioxide also in clinics worldwide. Evidence-based double-blind studies are few, however, partly because everyone could immediately distinguish the chlorine dioxide solution from the ineffective reference solution by taste and smell.

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