COVID-19: virus or snake venom? Part 2 + 3

Summary Andreas Kalcker Videos:

  1. The Covid pandemic is not caused by a natural or mutated virus.
  2. Rather, they are enzymes/proteins of snake venoms such as the king cobra.
  3. The PLA2 enzyme has been found in all vaccines and patents, including the lethal-toxic approved drug remdesivir against COVID-19.
  4. At first, an apparent pandemic without sick or dead people was artificially created via the mass media alone.
  5. With fear, people were driven to the apparent solution, vaccinations.
  6. There is an m-RNA technology in the vaccine that hacks the DNA of the vaccinated and inserts a code. It is the code of the snake enzymes. Now the mitochondria of the vaccinated person start to produce these proteins in large quantities. These are the so-called spike proteins. These spike proteins then trigger cytokine storms, histamine excess resulting in autoimmune diseases, clumping of blood resulting in thrombosis; myocarditis and embolism. Oxygen saturation drops dramatically.
  7. If such a “COVID” patient comes to the hospital, he or she is then treated with the only approved drug, remdesivir. However, this is also a snake venom derivative and intensifies the symptoms of the disease.
  8. Now the patient has an even worse oxygen saturation and is intubated and artificially ventilated. Since no one would tolerate a tube in his trachea, here again strong sedation must be used. For this purpose, drugs are used, which again increase the symptoms and it leads to the death of the patient.
  9. So here, a cascade of deliberately wrong actions is leading to mass deaths in intensive care units.
  10. Blood D-dimer levels are extremely elevated in all patients who have been vaccinated and treated with remdesivir. People poisoned by snake venom have exactly the same thing.
  11. Post-mortem examinations of COVID deaths treated in this way have always revealed clear symptoms of poisoning.
  12. In addition to graphene oxide, there appear to be magnetite crystals and Bluetooth chips in the inoculations. It is not the aim to poison the vaccinated person with a high dose of snake venom or enzymes. Instead, a genetic biohack on the human genome is taking place. Using the mRNA technique, the cells are induced to mass produce the “virus” information i.e. the DNA of the snake venom enzyme. Thus, the vaccinated person first produces his own lethal dose of poison over time. That’s clever!
  13. In laboratory tests, the research group led by Andreas Kalcker was able to prove that the vaccinations actually contain chips that report as Bluetooth transmitters with a globally unique ID when in close proximity to mobile telephone devices. This means that every vaccinated human, like farm animals, has been given a recognizable and traceable digital ID. Although Bluetooth in the strongest version only has a range of 150 meters, you can find Bluetooth numbers in the cell phone in the evening alone in cemeteries. Especially near graves that were created after 2021. This is macabre but can be verified by anyone.
  14. In addition, the research group led by Andreas Kalcker measured the normal magnetic field strength of healthy and unvaccinated individuals. The magnetic field strength of vaccinated persons was several times higher and higher in freshly vaccinated persons at the vaccinated arm.
  15. Furthermore, the researchers measured magnetic field strength AFTER oral chlorine dioxide ingestion. These values were lower.
  16. So people with a human magnetism can get rid of this.
  17. Also the extreme increase of hepatitis C diseases in children seems to be related to this and can also be treated successfully with chlorine dioxide.

Measures for survival in 2022/2023

– no longer allow vaccinations!!!

– no longer allow any other vaccinations, as the trust in such a deliberately satanic orthodox medicine is gone!!!

– do not use Remdesivir!!!

– Do not allow artificial respiration!

– if possible, do not take any conventional medicines, as graphene oxide and the Bluetooth chips have also been found in some. Who knows what else is in there?

– A CDS cure lasting several months according to protocol C (i.e. 20-30 ml of CDS (chlorine dioxide solution 3,000 ppm) to 1 liter of water and drunk in 10 portions throughout the day) can re-neutralize or cure the poisoning symptoms of COVID vaccinations, shedding, human magnetism and Bluetooth chip transmission.

Soon there will appear a new Spanish film“BlueTruth” about this Bluetooth phenomenon of human serial numbers.

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