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Healing successes / Letters to the editor

Rudolf S.
Rudolf S.Tonsillitis
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I had a massive tonsillitis with lymph node swelling in the fall. I couldn't swallow and just let the saliva run into a bowl while lying down. Medication did not help at all. After 3 days I remembered in the evening that I have everything. I then sprayed pure CDS concentrate into a spray bottle and 6 - 8 strokes deep into my throat. After an hour I could drink the first glass of water almost without pain. Much better the next day. Still a day later I was completely fit again.
JoaquinCOVID 19
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Hello, my friend ! I am happy to share my experience with CDS. I got through the coronavirus without any problems. Only had a high fever for 3 days. The protocol I use is to take 10 ml of CDS in 1 liter of water on the first day, and after the same amount 10 ml of CDS in 1 liter of water, drinking a glass of it every 15 minutes. My wife doesn't want to take it and she lost the taste and smell for a few weeks. I hope more people start using it. I will continue to use it to keep my blood healthy and alkaline. Thanks for all the people who introduce me to this incredible solution.
UnknownLyme disease
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Hello, I too would like to write something about this: About 10 years ago (2009) I definitely had Lyme disease (hadn't been to the doctor so he wouldn't prescribe antibiotics because of intestinal bacteria). A red spot formed and it traveled up from the knee to the groin. I had already heard about MMS, got myself this remedy and took it for quite some time. Back then it was two doses a day, today I would do it differently. It tasted really not good and burned partly quite nicely in the throat and belly. To date (Feb 2020) I have NO after effects from Lyme disease. But it is possible that there are still some in the body or their fragments. Will probably never know. A few years later I got herpes zoster on my leg and sole. I took DCA (is extracted from dead oxen the bile) and externally on the pustules MMS. After 10 days the whole spook was over, the blisters fell off, no nerve pain and no scars either.
Andreas S.
Andreas S.cold - warts
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Since some time I have MMS drops in my house and I would like to share my personal experiences with you on the basis of 2 examples. a) Cold: If I feel it comes a cold with scratching in the throat, dripping nose and chills, I take approx. 4 times 6 drops MMS over 2 days distributed. So far, it has always helped and the cold has not even come to the outbreak or disappeared very quickly. b) Wart treatment: 1 drop of MMS up to 3 times per day on the wart and after about 1 week the wart is gone. Note: Only regular use will make the warts disappear. (I have applied the activated MMS undiluted and washed off after approx. 1 to 2 minutes under running water, please test yourself on the basis of the skin compatibility). I can't imagine my household without MMS.
Daniel L.
Daniel L.Massive cystitis
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For half a year I suffered monthly from bladder infections and had to take antibiotics four times in these 6 months. By chance I found out about CDS and started with 8x daily 3 drops and am now after one week at 3x daily 15-20 drops. I don't count anymore but take a whole pipette on a glass of water. Your own body knows over time how much CDS it needs. After three days the inflammation got worse, the urine was very cloudy, dark and smelled very strong. I continued anyway and now after 7 days I am symptom free, I even have clear morning urine which to me is bordering on miraculous! CDS was clearly the missing piece of the puzzle that contributed to the full healing of my bladder.
George Neumann
George Neumann Ataxia
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So I was at the bottom 5 years ago at about age 60. I had ataxia and quite severe nerve interference from the cerebellum to the body. Blood and liver tests were a disaster. My symptoms: wheelchair, difficulty swallowing to the point of respiratory failure and death. Ataxia is still not curable! I have had my laptop on for days and came across Mr Erhan. I was not afraid, took MMS at the beginning, later until today the CDS/CDL. When I wasn't feeling well, I dosed higher. I take my hat off to Mr Ali Erhan and Andreas Kalcker and I am back in full juice and working again 👍🏼. I would almost like to say that I am still better off than I was 10 years ago!
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