Is the classic MMS now outdated?

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Andreas Klacker is a guest of Jo Conrad on his

CDS as a drug

He reports many miracle healings in the COVID crisis especially from South America.

After doctors, politicians and also high military personnel became seriously ill with COVID there and many died, chlorine dioxide applications there have fully convinced all critics. In some countries, such as Bolivia, it has even been legally approved as a drug against COVID. In other countries, other legal avenues and even military orders were put in place so that it could be used legally.

This later evolved into An international research community with over 9,000 members. The focus here is on applications with chlorine dioxide.

Why does Andreas Kalcker distance himself from the MMS?

Andreas Kalcker’s goal was to get chlorine dioxide applications approved as a medicine. So every doctor in the world should be able to prescribe it and get it at every pharmacy around the corner.

After he had already filed 5 chlorine dioxide patents and had gone through the first very successful preliminary studies for approval as a drug, his consortium was suddenly stopped. After very aggressive media attacks, the main sponsor jumped off and the project was unfortunately discontinued.

It was not until the COVID crisis that Andreas Kalcker’s project came back to life. But he must be careful not to provide opponents with any media attack surfaces. MMS consists of two very strong chemical substances to which warning symbols and warning texts are attached. In case of incorrect dosage/application, these could cause damage to health. The pure CDS/CDL, on the other hand, is just chlorine dioxide dissolved in water. CDS does not require warning symbols to be listed on the bottle and CDS cannot be overdosed orally by humans! Therefore Andreas concentrates only on the CDS and tries to bring this closer to scientists and doctors.

At present, the first thing every critical holistic physician interviewed always says is: “I am not against vaccinations in principle!”. If he does not do this, he will be put in the pre-prepared pigeonhole of“vaccination opponents” or“vaccination refusers” and may lose his license. Then no one listens to him anymore. So all doctors say this sentence first even if they are now fully against almost all vaccinations.

Andreas Kalcker has to do the same and distances himself from the classic MMS and other hybrid forms of chlorine dioxide products (e.g. CDSplus). That is also fine.

Is the classic MMS now outdated?

Quite clearly: NO! For almost 20 years, people have applied the classic MMS according to Jim Humble on their own responsibility and have been able to achieve highly amazing health results. Especially after Andreas and Ali could convince the discoverer Jim Humble very early to use only the 4-5% hydrochloric acid as activator instead of the previous citric acid. Since then, most of the unpleasant side effects such as nausea and diarrhea have become much less frequent and milder. So, those who have taken the classic MMS so far and tolerated it well, can continue to do so. The same applies to newer hybrid forms of chlorine dioxide products such as CDSplus. CDSplus has been on the market for over 10 years and has consistently received only very positive feedback regarding efficacy and tolerability. In a study against MRSA germs published here in the MMS News section, CDSplus even came up with a slightly better efficacy than the classic MMS.

The above applies only to external and internal applications except infusions. Since one must NEVER inject chlorine dioxide solutions from classical MMS and CDSplus, Andreas Kalcker concentrates on pure CDS solutions as medicine. This can then be administered intramuscularly, subcutaneously or intravenously.. This is another reason why Andreas has to distance himself from the classic MMS.

Conclusion: For external and internal applications (except injections) you still have the free choice from the classic MMS to pure CDS-/CDL-solutions up to CDSplus. The chlorine dioxide itself always has a very high potency. Your purchase decision should be based more on pragmatic (e.g. long-term durability) and financial aspects and on your previous experience with the better compatibility for you.


No matter how great the suffering or the fear of illness and death, infusions always belong only in expert and medical hands.

Never make infusions yourself! At least one accompanying person must always be able to handel in case of emergency.

NEVER prepare an injection solution from classic MMS or CDSplus by yourself!!! This must be manufactured and filled with high purity. Any contamination, e.g. with dust, can trigger life-threatening allergic shock situations during infusions.

If the pH value of the CDS solution does not match the pH value of the blood, life-threatening situations can occur here as well. Here, too, you may have to expertly buffer with medical bicarbonate solution.

So please hands off chlorine dioxide infusions as a layman! You are NOT doing the MMS community any favors!


The German, English and French version of the book“BYE BYE COVID” by Andreas Kalcker can be found here

the spanish version can be found here

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