COVID-19: Virus or snake venom – part1

Documentary "Watch the water!"

This is a rough rendition of the content of the documentary “Watch the water” from the Stew Peters Show.
(This text was written in German and translated into other languages! Errors are possible!)

Remdesivir is a dangerous, highly toxic toxin!

The FDA has approved this mass destruction agent as the only agent against Covid-19 in hospitals! Nothing else was deliberately allowed as an alternative.

They banned ivermectin, hydrochloroquine, and monoclonal antibodies. Monoclonal antibodies are a very effective antidote to (snake) venom. They didn’t want antidotes to be used against poisons because they work.

Why? Is COVID not a virus at all, but a poison?

Just do the opposite of what the CDC or FDA says!

Fact checkers vs. studies

Whenever reports surfaced in the media that COVID-19 could have come from bats, snakes, or (paingalants?), the “fact checkers” immediately started jumping in and attributing everything to bats, even though at the time some researchers could already safely rule it out. Fact checkers only have the task of returning dissenters to the desired narrative from which they have deviated. However, Chinese researchers did not find genetic traces of bats in the sufferers, but of a Chinese snake species and the king cobra.

Another study from France proved that there are nicotine receptors in the brain that respond to the very venom from these two snakes. They also found that the SPIKE protein was pretty darn similar to the two snake venoms.

A Dr. Bing Lu was doing research at the University of Pittsburgh and found out amazing things about COVID-19 and was shot. The dean of the university said in all interviews that his research will be published. However, it has not been published for over a year.

Hydrochloroquine could neutralize the toxic effect of remdesivir and was therefore banned!

Dr. Bryan Ardis found a study more than 15 years old (2005) that found 19 toxins in the venom of the cobra snake. The study was funded by ROCHE. Gilead is the manufacturer of Remdesivir and has continued to research snake venoms on this basis.

What do you think blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain that can be targeted by a cobra venom? Hydroxychloroquine!

Striking similarities

Remdesivir looks like a whitish-yellowish powder!

Guess what snake venom looks like that has been extracted and processed? Exactly the same!

Then the powder is dissolved in an isotonic saline solution and given intravenously. This is how monoclonal antibodies can be generated.

The warnings for use of remdesivir state that you must check blood clotting in each patient before and after injection.

Do you know what cobra snake venom does to your blood? It makes it thinner that it cannot clot. Remdesivir consists of isolated proteins from the venom of the king cobra snake. (I might have misunderstood that part and it makes blood clots).

All pathologic examinations of COVID-19 deaths treated, i.e., with remdesivir, showed similarities to toxification by poisons. Why were pathological examinations banned in the pandemic?

Another researcher found the enzymes in COVID-19 blood samples, which are also found in rattlesnake venoms. This venom / these enzymes trigger a cytokine storm in the body. Therefore, Dr. Bryan Ardis believes that there is no COVID-19 virus, but a poisoning with cobra snake venom or some peptides/enzymes of it.

These 19 enzymes found in snake venom specifically attack organs such as the heart, pancreas in diabetic patients and the liver in hepatitis patients.

This is the most diabolical bioweapon ever made from snake venom!

What is the symbol in Christianity for evil? The snake!

They attack us with mRNA technology and snake venom and then they have these magnetic nanoparticles to enhance the effect.

There is a scene from THE BLACKLIST (2016) where the main character Reddington was poisoned. And what did the poisoner use? The venom of a red-headed snake that causes embolism and respiratory syndrome. The main character at this moment says something about CORONA in 2016!!!!

The main actor had drunk the poison. Therefore, Dr. Bryan Ardis came up with the idea that we could possibly… were poisoned via the drinking water.

Why did the CDC suddenly come out with the COVID tests of wastewater?
Because we the infected and sick excrete it?

Or because it was also in the fresh drinking water before?

BQQM!!! Another smoke bomb to hide what was really happening.

One symptom of COVID is loss of sense of smell and taste, which can last for months or years.

When does this happen? If you take the poison orally – that is, drink!!!! BQQM!!!

This is exactly what happens to those who suck and spit out the venom after the snake bite. These people also cannot smell or taste anything for a long time. BQQM!!!

Target pre-existing conditions

Drinking water can be used to precisely dose who should get how much poison on a regional, ethnic and demographic basis.

These toxins specifically attack spleen, pancreas, brain, liver, lung and heart tissues.

So if you already have a disease of these organs, you are the target.

There are nicotine receptors in your brainstem that control your diaphragm. The diaphragm allows you to do most of your breathing. It has to contract for air/oxygen to get into your lungs. They use these two snake venoms and they paralyze your diaphragm and therefore your breathing.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was found strange that only 5% of hospitalized COVID patients were smokers. So even though it was a respiratory virus, significantly fewer smokers were sick. Conversely, smoking/nicotine appears to protect against COVID. Shouldn’t smokers, who are suffering from lung disease, actually get sick more often?

Nicotine as protection against COVID?!

What exactly did Anthony Fauci say in a media promotion: There is no better time than NOW to quit smoking! PERVERS! They wanted to take away the last protection from smokers!

COVID-19 (snake venom) causes your oxygen saturation to drop and your heartbeat. But you are only paralyzed and do not have a virus. In smokers, NIKOTIN blocks these receptors and that is why the two snake venoms do not affect the diaphragm and the other organs.

That is, NIKOTIN protects against SPIKE proteins / snake venoms and thus COVID-19 (nicotine patches or gum).

If you go to the hospital with these symptoms of poisoning they will give you the only approved treatment Remdesivir and that is again the snake venom and your diaphragm will be further paralyzed, a cytokine storm will be triggered and your lungs and other organs will be severely damaged.

And then when you’re put on the ventilator, you’re given other sedating drugs that act similar to the snake venoms. With this, they then kill the patients for sure. They have to sedate you because, yes, they want to put a tube in your windpipe and you could rip it out. They use morphine, Fintanel, Presedex, Lorazepam, or Medazelam and they all interfere with your breathing. And these are the official (fatal) hospital treatment protocols! BQQM!!!

The symbol of evil

The Wall Street Journal ran an article and referred to the word “virus” in corona virus and correctly translated it in Latin as “poison.”

Corona = crown
Who wears a crown? The King! The king cobra!

Corona virus = The poison of the king cobra


The Poison of the Pope (other translation)

You are God’s creation with a unique divine DNA.

If I wanted to do something incredibly evil, I would use the symbol for evil (= the snake/dragon). With its isolated DNA parts I would then poison the divine DNA of man.

I think that has been the plan.

They want to use it to make you a hybrid of Satan.

The boosters and their effects

6 July 2021:“Moderna’s co-founder wants to treat snakebites with mRNA technology“. This new company was then promoted by the WHO, among others! BQQM!!!

Elevated D-dimer levels in the blood indicate snake venom poisoning.

I wonder what happens to these blood values after vaccination?

It’s in the vaccinations! BQQM!!!

Kidney failure, the biggest side effect of remdesivir, is also the biggest problem with snake venom poisoning.

What is the long-term prognosis of those vaccinated?

Each vaccination/booster dramatically increases these toxic effects more.

That’s why more booster shots should definitely follow.


Second video update: It's not about the water

Other researchers confirmed after the initial publication that the rattlesnake SPLO2 enzyme is indeed in all COVID vaccines.

Why does COVID-19 attack children much less often than adults?

The answer: melatonin is a known antagonist (inhibitor) of snake venom.

Studies in the past showed that children have significantly higher levels of melantonin.

This protects them!

Dr. Richard Bartlett had sent me the text, if you had rattlesnake poisoning, would you go to the hospital for and take antibodies for it? With that, he had set the ball rolling at the mr.

Is the virus / poison in the drinking water?
I saw this as a possibility in the documentary “Watch the water”. But that was unchecked by me. Now they have to go to the CDC website and they find 400 pages where their city water (wastewater?) was tested and it was found. Since 2020, they have now increased PCR testing for wastewater and have over 640 pages on it. The CDC makes predictions of the next possible covid outbreak based on these measurements.


The thesis that COVID-19 may NOT be a VIRUS but a poisoning with snake venom is very well established. There can’t be that many coincidences!

Regardless of this question, we now know that the following remedies protect against COVID-19 disease / poisoning:

1. melantonin 10mg 1-3 daily
2. hydrochoroquine
3. monoclonal antibodies
4. nicotine (smoking, nicotine gum or patch).

What role Chlorine dioxide for the sick/poisoned, infected and vaccinated will be discussed in a second part. second part explain.

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