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“The Universal Antidote.”

An international documentation lists the many successes and possible applications of the active substance chlorine dioxide. This documentary is in English with Spanish subtitles. We hope to publish the german version here soon. In this video,

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Fake or fact: Chloroquine, a panacea?

Fake or fact: Chloroquine, a panacea? Is chloroquine (hydroxychloroquine – trade name Resochin), the panacea humanity has been waiting for? After Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron reported positively about it, the demand has increased worldwide. Does it

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is not a disease at all!

We received an article in English (“Multiple sclerosis is Lyme disease: Anatomy of a cover-up”) that is hard to beat in terms of explosiveness. This article explains that the true cause of multiple sclerosis (MS) is infection

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Incurable was yesterday!

From the Hamburg veterinarian Dirk Schrader: “It is the touching fates of several dogs and a foal that make me think about whether the teaching of infections in veterinary medicine needs to be rewritten. By administering a

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NEW: MMS/CDS healing experience for Chikungunya fever

We recently received an inquiry from the British Virgin Islands, where the sufferers live on a yacht, regarding the treatment of a Chikungunya–Infection with MMS/CDS. This infection usually causes a severe fever and very severe joint pain (see WHO description and wikipedia) from.

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What actually is illness?

Here is a typical email conversation of the last days: Request K.S.: Hello! First of all, great job you guys are doing, congratulations!!! My question is about a possible connection between MMS and reflux esophagitis. As a

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WARNING: New virus epidemic faster than Ebola!

The pathogen of a previously isolated disease now appears to have mutated. Starting in Germany, it is spreading worldwide and apparently faster than Ebola. The AWAKEN-Flue, as the system-threatening virus is called by leading experts of the

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Incredible: Many patents based on chlorine dioxide

Incredibly, many patents based on chlorine dioxide have been pending for years. And we’re told there are no approved studies. How could these products have been patented and approved without appropriately positive studies? The product liability would not

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CORONA virus: preventive protective measures

CORONA virus: preventive protective measures We have received a lot of inquiries in the last few days, so we ask for your understanding if we cannot answer them quickly enough. We have summarized some of the most

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