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First Jim Humble called his discovery “Miracle Mineral Supplement”, then “Master Mineral Supplement” and finally “Master Mineral Solution”. The Miracle sounded too mysterious and the supplement can only be used for approved supplements in the US, which MMS is not. The 
classic MMS.
 consists of a sodium chlorite solution and an activating acid, during the reaction of which the actual germ-killing active ingredient chlorine dioxide is formed. First he used acetic acid, then lemon juice, then 10% citric acid, and then 50% citric acid for a long time. As of February 2013, he only recommends 25% sodium chlorite solution and 4-5% hydrochloric acid (HCl). This is also the only approved inorganic activator in Germany. Many intolerances are due to citric acid.


The advancement of MMS will chlorine dioxide solution 
or in German called Chlordioxidlösung CDL. In contrast to the activated MMS, the ready-to-use CDS at full 0.3% concentration is ph-neutral and much more compatible in taste and smell. Unfortunately, large variations in concentration by manufacturers and the short shelf life of CDS obtained by distillation make repeatable dosing very difficult.


As a third and final stage of development, a durable, standardised and stabilised CDS, known as CDSplus for short, has recently become available. Here, a liquid component is activated with a tablet only when required. Directly after activation, one always obtains an approx. 0.3% ph-neutral chlorine dioxide solution, which is now also chlorine-free for the first time. A comparison of these development stages can be found in the free MMS E-Book 
on this page.

CDLplus (note the -L- instead of the -S-)

After the CDSplus co-developed by Ali Erhan was so successful, other manufacturers offered a two-component solution with the very similar name CD-L-plus. However, these do not have the characteristics of the original. So be careful where you buy what and pay attention to the exact designation. A comparison of these development stages can be found in the free MMS e-book .
on this page


MMS2 is based on a different basic substance, namely calcium hypochlorite, and is filled in capsules. Here water is the activator and hypochlorous acid is formed. This is also used by the human defence system to kill germs. There are protocols with MMS2 alone as well as in alternation with MMS1 (more about this and about sources of supply for calcium hypochlorite in the free MMS E-Book 
on this page.

MMS Gold

MMS Gold has neither chlorine dioxide nor hypochlorous acid as active ingredients. MMS Gold is rather a solution of many ionized minerals. When added to contaminated water, it binds most substances so that they fall to the bottom. A similar purifying effect is expected for the cell water. That’s why MMS Gold has nothing to do with the applications according to Jim Humble discussed here on this website!


In connection with MMS (MMS1) the DMSO (Dimethlysulfoxid) is mentioned again and again as an effect amplifier. DMSO is an old “miracle cure” in itself, especially for sports injuries. DMSO penetrates living tissue without causing damage and transports active ingredients such as the chlorine dioxide from the MMS into the depths. DMSO should always be added last when taken orally.


Chlorine dioxide is the actual germ-killing active substance of MMS. It consists of one chlorine and two oxygen atoms and is an amber-colored gas. According to wikipedia, the compound chlorine dioxide has been known since 1811, i.e. for over 203 years, and its effects have been well researched. It has been used worldwide for decades for the disinfection of drinking water, foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, and for surface disinfection.


In classical MMS, a number of drops of sodium chlorite solution are activated with the same number of drops of hydrochloric acid by allowing both to react in a dry glass for 45 seconds. Water is then poured into the glass and an aqueous solution with chlorine dioxide is obtained. With MMS2, water is the activator and at least 3 glasses of water should be drunk with one capsule.

MMS application logs

Recommendations on when, how often and how much MMS or MMS2 should be taken for certain diseases are called MMS application protocols. CAUTION: Jim Humble recommends NOT using the old protocols with high single doses from his first free book from the internet! The newer MMS application protocols are much gentler yet more effective. For more, see the free MMS e-book on this page.

Herxheim reaction

This refers to an initial deterioration when starting alternative healing methods. These have also been observed when taking MMS. However, it does not seem to be due to the MMS itself, but rather to its too intensive effect. Other causes of side effects are in the free MMS e-book on this page.

Zeolite / Bentonite

In connection with disinfecting MMS-cures it is often meaningful to take additionally zeolite / bentonite. The excessive killing of germs releases many toxins. Zeolite and bentonite are both volcanic ashes with an enormous ability to bind e.g. heavy metals, fungi and toxins. There is no reaction with the body and everything is excreted. Ali Erhan has worked with the exceptional healer Ekkehard Sirian Scheller to create an informed zeolite-bentonite mix GAIAgold developed. This has no nanoparticles but a partly very individual effect. Kerri Riverra (Curing Autism) explicitly recommends only the GAIAgold.

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