New aids for vaccinated people: Interview with Harald Kautz

In an interview with Harald Kautz, which arose spontaneously, new approaches are discussed on how to cure not only the symptoms of a COVID disease, but also shedding symptoms by SPIKE proteins.

The first part is about understanding what happens in the body of infected, vaccinated and shedding victims.

He explains how the well-known body magnetism occurs, what the graphene hydroxide contained in the vaccines does, and why the NOSE is an entry point. Harald not only tells us about a highly efficient medical product Vedicinals-9 that is about to be approved, but also gives us 3 very powerful affirmations that quickly bring even vaccinated and sick people back into the divine state of equilibrium.

That’s because vaccination actually seems to do three previously little-noticed things:

1. self-repair of the DNA is switched off. People want to change our DNA, but our body is good at resisting that. So that one does not need 20 boosters, this self-repair function is switched off!

2. the soul is separated from the body. The emotional body completely decoupled from the rest of the body. We are then only mentally on the road.

3. the thyroid gland is opened and ready for any disease program and now allows demons to occupy the body permanently.

Against all this Harald has 3 very short affirmations!

Affirmation-1: Retrieve the soul back into the body
Please demethylate genome BRCA1!

Affirmation-2: Throwing demons out of the shield gland
Please methylate genome 53BP1!

Affirmation-3: Permanent Protection (Immune Boost)
Please demethylate genome IFI27 demethylate!

(DEmethlyation means activation – methylation means DEactivation)

Left: of independent researchers) medical device against COVID to be approved soon). of Harald Kautz) with the newly developed products from part 2 of the interview)

Part 2 deals with newly developed products and their mode of action

In the second part of this interview with Harald Kautz, he shows us his arsenal of techniques, means and products against COVID viruses and the first newly developed protective measures against shedding.

First, Harald shows us how to block the docking station NASE for the SPIKE proteins against them. For this purpose, he has developed a new perfume containing tangerine, rose and palmarosa (alternatively geranium) Flavors contains. The completed product is called Cosmic Balance (sources of supply see below).

He then discusses whether some vaccine batches are more dangerous than others and reports on other previously unknown and undeclared additives in the vaccines. After having produced nosodes from all available vaccination products in a radionic way, it was then possible to play different carrier substances with this information offer.

Harald also goes into more detail about the attack on our fertility. Vaccination causes the body to break down its own reproductive organs as an autoimmune response. To repair this, completely new paths of homeopathy and radionics were taken for the first time. Although no larger studies could be made in the short time available, the first experiences and reactions during application are very promising.

The various newly developed products are:

Balance S products (S for SPIKE or Shedding) contain information to protect against shedding.

Balance V products (V for Vaccinated) contain information against the viruses.

reFertil products help restore fertility in both men and women. At the same time, one should NOT use the application of reFertil in a time of stress, illness or during shedding symptoms!

All applications should be performed for about 3-6 weeks.

These are all not approved medical products but wellness products that give your body-soul-mind system an information offer to be able to go into healing. All reactions are very individual and different.

All products described are available at
(One can also become an affiliate partner of Sirisana and promote it).

The conversation with Harald continues with karmic contract cancellations, which are a key and a great hope for all inoculated people to get out of the contract with Satan. So as long as you still have awareness (whether vaccinated, unvaccinated, or shedding victims), you still have a chance to choose what is right for you.

THEN these above products can also help on the path of healing.

Links and sources of supply:

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