BlueTruth: Humans as Bluetooth transmitters (study)

Documentation BlueTruth (EN)

Documentation BlueTruth (EN)

Documentation BlueTruth (ES) is an international research group of now over 9,000 scientists, physicians and technicians sharing their findings.

This group of researchers found frightening things in a study of Covid vaccines and vaccinated people:

1. Inoculated and tested develop a M.A.C. address that is discoverable with Bluetooth computers connected to WiFi. These addresses are also sometimes found in the unvaccinated and untested, if they have had or are having close contact with vaccinated persons.

2. even dead people who died from 2021 continue to radio their address.

3. ingestion of certain substances (MMS/CDS) obviously destroys the implemented M.A.C. addresses.
(see anti-vaccination instructions).

So people are fitted with digital chips and send out unique Bluetooth signals.
This is a worldwide phenomenon.

Because of the special importance for the worldwide awakening process, here is the Bluetruth video also in English and in Spanish.

Please share it among all the friends and channels you have!

Such videos are another nail in the coffin for the Deepstate, because every non-believer can now check for himself with his cell phone what conspiracy theorists like us claim!


Here is a tutorial for Android phones to make Bluetooth devices visible without names!

For Apple IOS devices, there are free apps in the Appstore under “Bluetooth Scanner”.

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