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The solution to the coronavirus they don’t want you to know about…. A Groundbreaking Path Out of Plandemia, Proven by Courageous Doctors and Friends of Truth by Andreas Kalcker.

Book: 220 pages
tobe published: 2021
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Weight: 350g
ISBN: 978-3-033-08895-5

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The editor writes:

The solution to the coronavirus epidemic is now in your hands.
“Bye Bye Covid” – the cure for the coronavirus they don’t want you to know about…. a book written by doctors and professionals, certifying safe and effective treatment against coronavirus. According to recent scientific studies, it is more than 99% effective and has no serious side effects.

“Probably the most important discovery in medicine in the last 100 years”.
Bye Bye Covid is a book full of pictures and information about the results of chlorine dioxide treatment in the form of CDS against coronavirus, a simple, easy to use, effective and inexpensive solution as a new treatment to save the lives of millions of people.

“This book can save the lives of the people you love…”
An impressive book written by Dr. h.c. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, author of several reference books with Dr. Pedro Chávez, Dr. Eduardo Insignares, Dr. Blanca Bolaño, Dr. Martín Ramírez Beltrán, Dr. Giselle Barrantes, Dr. Viviane Brunet, Dr. José María Cabezas, Dr. Pablo Carvajal, Dr. Roberto García, Dr. Sandro Moncada, Prof. Dr. Luis Antonio Añi, Dr. Christian Ortiz, Dr. Ernesto Pazos, Dr. Mauricio Quiñonez, Gen. Dr. Victor Manuel Rico, Dr. Lourdes Torres, Dr. Ricardo Velázquez Larrinaga, Gonzalo Arcos, Secretary General of Comusav Tannia Bayas, Verónica Del Castillo Journalist, Karla Revollo Journalist, Ing. Eidy Maria Schmitter Biologist, Dr. Murad Agha, Dr. Yohanny Andrade, Col. Guillermo Tamayo, and Dr. Pamela Trujillo were part of the “Bye Bye Covid” project involving chlorine dioxide in the form of CDS, which is currently used by many thousands of physicians in more than 27 countries.

“Bye Bye Covid” and don’t worry about coronaviruses and vaccines from now on.

With all my heart!
Dr. h.c. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, biophysicist,
Humanitarian and very committed in action
for saving lives.

The incredible story of a group of doctors
This is the incredible story of how a group of doctors, among them Andreas Ludwig Kalcker, managed to defeat coronavirus pandemic. They did this by using chlorine dioxide, but the mainstream media never reported this correctly.
The virus was spreading in Latin America and there seemed to be no way out. The death toll was in the thousands, and no one knew how to stop the epidemic. The situation changed when in 2020 doctors decided to attend a conference of COMUSAV, an international society of doctors who studied the epidemic and made an important discovery: The virus could be stopped by chlorine dioxide, known as CDS.
This book is one of those rare things: informative, interesting, fun, and useful.

You will learn:
How to survive a deadly pandemic like Covid-19 with a cheap agent called chlorine dioxide, which is also used to treat drinking water. CDS is an antiviral and antibacterial agent that has no serious side effects.

How many media unfortunately lie and many health authorities cover up what they know, do not report about it and even try to ban this simple and cheap remedy.

How big business corruption works with pseudo vaccination and the sad, deadly consequences of being interested only in profit and not health.

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