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Here is the answer to the most common question about sources of supply.
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Sealable glass bottle
Optimal for the MMS-1000 or CDS-1000 cure. The chlorine dioxide solution is thus safely protected against outgassing for 1-2 days. Please do not use plastic bottles from home as they are rarely made of durable HDPE material."
M.M.S. CLASSIC 2x100ml from AQUARIUS pro life
Drinking water products based on chlorine dioxide. M.M.S. CLASSIC is a set of 1 bottle of 25% sodium chlorite and 1 bottle of activator 4% hydrochloric acid. Advantage: Top quality, easy 1:1 mixing, EU conform according to TÜV-Rheinland, child safe, 11 language instructions and deliver worldwide!
CDSpure 250ml from AQUARIUS pro life
Here is the new CDSpure, a high purity, nano-filtered, ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solution with 2,990ppm (approx. 0.299%), in 100ml, 250ml and 500ml glass bottles with a minimum shelf life of 2 years.
CDSpure 6x5ml ampoules from AQUARIUS pro life
CDSpure is a high purity, nano-filtered, ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solution containing 2,990ppm (approx. 0.299%) biocide for highly effective control of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, algae, mites, parasites, biofilms and other pathogenic germs such as the dangerous Legionella. It does not require on-site activation, but is supplied in 6 convenient clear glass ampoules of 5ml each in FSC-certified packaging. We hereby eliminate the well-known problems that many consumers have had with conventional CDS/CDL ready-made solutions. In ampoules it can be stored unrefrigerated for up to 5 years!
CDSplus 100ml or CDS plus 250ml from AQUARIUS pro life
Chlorine dioxide based drinking water products. CDSplus is a set of 1 liquid component and 1 activator tablet. Advantage: Top quality, very long shelf life if unrefrigerated, simple and safe activation, fresh pH-neutral CDS solution with exactly 3,000ppm. As the only product worldwide chlorine-free after activation and therefore super compatible. EU-compliant according to TÜV-Rheinland, child safe, 11 language manual and deliver worldwide!
Practical dosing set from AQUARIUS pro life
Comprehensive set of pipette and pump spray head and more. It contains everything you need to dose and apply chlorine dioxide solutions.
DMSO dimethyl sulphoxide from AQUARIUS pro life
DMSO is the ideal complement to the above chlorine dioxide based drinking water products. It contains everything you need to dose and apply chlorine dioxide solutions. The very high purity of 99.9% complies with Ph.Eur. Certification. Depending on the application, DMSO is easily miscible with water in any ratio. Advantage: Top quality, EU-compliant according to TÜV-Rheinland, childproof, 11 language instructions and deliver worldwide!
GAIAgold informed zeolite-bentonite mix 120g and 300g
As a rule, take 1 tsp dissolved in a glass of water in the morning and in the evening on an empty stomach (no metal spoon!). This detox blend is infopathically informed with the ""SUMplus"" information (Creative Order, an order-forming force) according to HP E. Sirian Scheller. Kerri Rivera recommends GAIAgold worldwide as a very effective remedy for soothing the gut and detoxifying.
The MMS Water Filter from AQUARIUS pro life
The MMS Water Filter is a three-stage consumer drinking water filter with top performance and a hygienic quick-change system. The filter mechanically removes substances and suspended matter such as asbestos fibres larger than 0.1 micron. This makes the filter up to 50 times more thorough than conventional devices with 5 micron pore size. In addition, the MMS Water Filter filters chlorine and chlorine compounds (CFCs), organic compounds such as pesticides and pesticide residues, herbicides, insecticides, drug residues, hormones and hormone-like substances, odorous substances, discoloration, metals and heavy metals (e.g. lead, iron and copper). It can also remove micro plastic beads, aluminum (geoengineering) as well as glyphosate and glyfosinate, which have recently been found in drinking water. The Micro Membrane System (MMS) also enables effective removal (99.9999%) of bacteria, fungi and parasites, making the water microbiologically pure.
Borax SHE 100% Quality from ProNatu
The only all-purpose cleaner that meets the high standards of Dr. Hulda Clark! Clean without pollutants: your laundry, your house and your body! Summary: Borax (disodium tetraborate decahydrate also known as tinkal and sodium borate).
Magnesium chloride oil 12.5% solution of ProNatu
Magnesium Chloride Oil, Contains pure pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate (purer than food grade). 100% absorption of the magnesium offered through the skin (with oral intake only 30%), rapid pain reduction, in case of sore muscles due to tissue overacidification harmless for the tissue and avoids possible diarrhoea rapid, concentrated and effective transport into cells, blood, lymph, tissue and bones, intake also in case of resorption problems (e.g. in case of chronic intestinal diseases), vitalises cells and tissue, promotes blood circulation, good detoxification effects against heavy metals.
Chlorella tablets from ProNatu
These chlorella tablets are 100% pure and have the best organic quality. It's the same product you often see at the health food store for twice the price. Through our direct sales we save costs, which we pass on to the end consumer.
"Moringa Oleifera Capsules from ProNatu.
Active ingredient: Food supplement, 100% Moringa Oleifera, high-dose Moringa concentrate in capsule form from freeze-dried Moringa Oleifera leaf powder. No other plant has more vitamins, minerals and other vital substances.
OPC-95 Vegi - Capsules from ProNatu
Active ingredient: OPC 95 grape seed extract (95% proanthocyanidins). OPC makes the blood more fluid very quickly and, if taken regularly, can prevent heart attacks and strokes, for example. ATTENTION: MMS and OPC cancel each other out in their effect, take with 2-3 hours distance!
MSM powder, 99.9% from ProNatu
Raw material: organic sulfur, Other names: MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane, Containers: 250g, 500g, 1000g, MSM is taken orally and is very good at relieving chronic muscle, joint and bone pain as well as inflammation and allergies. Indispensable as an organic "sulfur supplier" for the body.
Curcuma Vegi - Capsules from ProNatu
Active ingredient: Curcuma from controlled organic cultivation and piperine, Content per capsule: 490 mg curcuma / 14.50 mg piperine, Plant fiber cellulose (capsule shell), Best quality, The curcumin can bring any cancer at any stage to a halt and partly regress. The piperine is black pepper, which greatly enhances this effect. (See Youtube video ).
Artemisia Annua extract from ProNatu
Active ingredient: Artemisia Annua extract (GMO & gluten free), annual mugwort, 50 ml in amber glass bottle with pipette, dosage: 2 to 4 times per day, 10 - 12 drops in approx. 60 ml water or juice. For cancer and Lyme disease very uplifting for the immune system!
120 Vitamin K2 (MK-7) tablets from ProNatu
Active substance: food supplement, natural menaquinone, package: 120 tablets (pill box with sealed lid), content: 200 mcg, dosage:1 tablet / day, best BIO quality
Detox Electrolysis Foot Bath - Set from ProNatu
Detox electrolysis footbath is a very good alternative to devices for 3,500 EUR. Excellently suitable in the wellness area of therapists, doctors, alternative practitioners, private users.
Strophantine mother tincture and Black salve herbal mixture (DIY).
You can also abuse the essential fragrance oil strophantine and put a few drops on the tongue. Detailed recipe for the preparation of black ointment on the theme page!
ready black ointment (for painting canvases)
Safe guide to the use of black salve at the books!
Reprop inlet set
is the quick and easy solution for constipation and is ideal for colon cleansing. Better than the usual sets with open bucket (in German pharmacies).
Activomin with humic acid.
Quickly soothes the gastrointestinal tract and covers inflamed areas like a protective layer. At the same time, humic acid can bind heavy metals via chelation and safely eliminate them. (select the cheapest provider via the price comparison portal
Calcium hypochlorite (MMS2)
Calcium hypochlorite granules are arguably the purest we know of and are popularly used to make MMS2 capsules. Please be sure to specify that you have a pool or water cistern when ordering!!! Best you find someone who orders it for you as a commercial customer there: (address on datasheet)
Calcium hypochlorite (MMS2)
Different shop, same quality from Japan. Please look in the pool supply or order through a friend as a commercial need.
vegetarian empty capsules size 0
Here the suitable empty capsules for the production of MMS2. Please follow the safe instructions in the e-book!
ProNatu Logo Avocado Vitamin B12 Cream against neurodermatitis
For more information see our news article "Vitamin cream against neurodermatitis" finally also available in pharmacies
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