2. MMS successes in humans

There are many reports of experience and success, e.g. with colds, flu, EHEC, swine flu, bird flu, AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, tuberculosis, blood poisoning (sepsis), food poisoning, tetanus, contagious children’s diseases, athlete’s foot, intestinal fungus, diabetes, open leg, cancer, hair cell leukaemia, inflammation of the mouth, throat and especially the teeth. In the meantime, so many reports are available worldwide, which unfortunately have not yet been systematically collected and evaluated by anyone. This is where the limitations of a private health movement sometimes become apparent. I myself have also been told of repeatable success with several laboratory-confirmed malaria infections by an aid worker in Africa. Also, I have from a workshop participant his very well documented case of complete cure of a life threatening hair cell leukemia. Even in the case of diseases such as the chickungunya fever currently rampant in the Caribbean, where conventional medicine has no cure to date, there are encouraging reports of success.

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