2.1 MMS and cancer

For conventional medicine, cancer is caused by familial predisposition (genetic) and lifestyle risk factors such as eating, drinking, exercise, alcohol, nicotine and, more recently, stress. Apart from these rather general and meaningless statistical statements, conventional medicine has not been able to present a consistent, detailed and logical model of how cancer develops. I wonder: if you don’t know the origin of a problem, how do you expect to develop a meaningful treatment therapy? Long before the MMS movement, however, there were many plausible theories about the development of cancer in the field of alternative medicine. Almost two hundred years ago, Louis Pasteur postulated the model of the healthy germ-free body and the evil germs from outside that could invade and make people sick. In contrast, his opponent at the time, Pierre Jacques Antoine Bechamp, was much more correct in saying that microbes were everywhere and made life possible and constituted life in the first place. Only a certain milieu would drive certain germs to proliferate. On his deathbed, Pasteur proved his adversary right with the sentence “The microbe is nothing, the milieu is everything”. Instead of fighting the germs with antibiotics (which, as is well known, only leads to antibiotic resistance), one could create the basis for preventing these germs from developing or multiplying in the first place by regulating the environment. The milieu refers to the properties of the environment (e.g.: interstitial water) such as temperature and pH, etc. These thoughts were later developed further by some researchers. Prof. Dr. Günther Enderlein discovered pleomorphic (shape-shifting) germs in the blood, which, depending on the environment, could develop from a body cell into a bacterium to a fungus and back again. The alternative practitioner Ekkehard Sirian Scheller discovered that there were also camouflaged fungi and parasites in the blood. For many types of cancer, these also seemed to be causally involved in the development. The cancer doctor Dr. Tulio Simoncini found out a long time ago that Candida Albicans fungi were actually present in the core of many cancers and treated them successfully with a fungus-killing 25% sodium bicarbonate solution. Too many fungi develop due to a disturbed environment. The body can neither sufficiently eliminate nor digest them, nor can it eliminate them with its detoxification organs of liver, kidney, lung, intestine and skin. So the body decides to make an ingenious life-prolonging move: it encapsulates the fungi. This allows both humans and fungi to live side by side for longer without endangering each other. This intelligent solution of the body, the encapsulation, is then called a degenerated tumor by conventional medicine and is aggressively attacked. Interestingly, many surgeons have found that a tumor does not spread until you cut at it. According to conventional medicine, cancer cells break free from their three-dimensional masonry, migrate through the body and form new metastases somewhere. Many researchers admit they have never seen these migrating cancer cells. But if you have a fungal culture in a Petri dish in the lab and you rub it, new fungal colonies will grow everywhere. So it is much more likely that these “broken out” fungi will form new colonies, which in turn will be encapsulated by the body to form new “metastases”.

The many MMS success stories with different types and stages of cancer suggest that Prof. Enderlein and Dr. Simoncini were right. Because MMS also reliably kills fungi in the body. Then it can also be explained why a tumour (the encapsulated fungi) shrinks when MMS is applied. MMS seems to lead however straight with many cancer types in several ways to a clear improvement. For one thing, it is important to know that cancer patients rarely die from cancer directly. They usually die of liver or kidney failure, as these detoxification organs can no longer dispose of the cellular toxins of the secondary infections and the milieu of the body is completely overturned. In addition, people who have received chemotherapy have a completely destroyed immune system, so that many such side infections form in the body, which produce toxic cell toxins as excretory products. These make the sick person feel even sicker and weaker. MMS quickly eliminates these secondary infections, oxidizing and thereby eliminating many of the waste products and cellular toxins. In addition, we are oxidative beings, as we breathe oxygen and thus burn sugar. However, the energy balance of chronically ill patients, especially cancer patients, is at a very low level. MMS activates the mitochondria, the power plants in the cells, so that the oxidative processes get going again and the person has more energy available. In cancer cells the mitochondria are switched off, the cells gain their energy through alcoholic fermentation and produce even more cancer growth promoting acidification of the surrounding tissue. However, mitochondria activation by MMS seems to lead to programmed cell death (apoptosis) in the cancer cells themselves. This effect has also been observed in experiments with dichloroacetate (DCA), a relative of chlorine dioxide. This mechanism of self-destruction is built into every cell by nature, so that degenerated cells kill themselves, but it is blocked in cancer cells. All modern approaches to new cancer therapies specifically try to induce this apoptosis without damaging the healthy cells. MMS seems to do this job along the way with its released active oxygen. Many use MMS with cancer also parallel to her orthodox medicines, then, however, with a time interval of 2-4 hours.

These multiple effects of MMS seem to be the reason why many chronically seriously ill and cancer patients are clear in mind and full of energy and fighting spirit again already after the first days of a self-treatment. Of course, the cancer has not disappeared in three days, but the many debilitating secondary infections with their toxins have been neutralized, thus relieving the liver and kidneys. In addition, there is much more oxygen and thus much more energy in the body. MMS thus provides more quality of life and lifetime in the short term. How long then with MMS and ggfs. MMS2 in alternation the applications should last, in order to defeat the cancer, depends of course always on the individual case. In addition, further accompanying measures should always be incorporated into the therapy on a physical but above all also on a mental and spiritual level. Very often a mental-emotional conflict or a trauma is the actual trigger of the disease. With MMS you can possibly make a tumor disappear, but are you then considered cured? Many people had already been treated with conventional or alternative medicine and then often had relapses after 1-2 years, so-called recurrences. This usually happens when you have only treated the body and just the causal problems still exist and again favor the emergence of the disease. In my second book “Back2Balance” I would like to go into detail about a holistic cancer therapy I have put together. In the third book “Back2Health” it is then about spiritual-mental techniques and how one can find and dissolve the causal old burdens with them. Fortunately, there are more and more techniques in this area that can now achieve drastic results in a very short time.

With cancer, there are still some current findings to consider. For one thing, according to the developer of the PSA test, it says nothing about a link to cancer. However, conventional medicine has taken this very test to decide whether a prostate cancer needs treatment or not. Thousands have been scared and treated completely unnecessarily over the years. Misdiagnosis and thus unnecessary treatment of breast cancer appears to have been similarly high. Here, “precaution” seems to have been more of a marketing tool to make more economic use of expensive equipment. In my experience, however, the most important step to recovery from cancer is to get out of the illusion of fear. Fear brings one out of one’s center and balance and thus out of one’s power. Moreover, due to the power of thoughts, repeated negative thoughts also lead to self-fulfilling prophecies with negative outcomes.


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