1.8.4 Eye, ear and nose drops

Inflammations in the eye (e.g. conjunctivitis), in the ears (e.g. middle ear inflammation) and in the nose or the sinuses can be treated very simply and efficiently with MMS. First, we make up a diluted base solution that we can use for all three applications.

with MMS:

Add 2 activated drops of MMS to a glass or vial containing about 150ml of water. MMS is to be taken because of its acid content here however only in the emergency.

with CDS/CDSplus:

Add 1-2 ml of CDSplus to a glass or vial containing about 20ml of water. So dilute 1:10 or more.

Here I would always prefer the pH-neutral CDS/CDSplus, which cannot irritate the skin or mucous membranes. With this diluted solution of chlorine dioxide can begin the treatments listed below.

Eye drops

Lean your head back and form the lower eyelid into a pocket with one finger. Then, using the pipette, drop 1 to 2 drops of the solution diluted above into this pocket. Then close the eyelid and move the eye back and forth. For acute inflammation, this can be repeated hourly up to 12 times a day, but usually you are successful after the third application. The slight burning sensation right at the beginning does not seem to come from the MMS, but from the fact that we use water without keeping the salt content of the eye fluid. Using a 0.9% isotonic saline solution instead of water should also fix this. This should be mentioned for the sake of completeness, but is not mandatory for the treatment of inflammation. Please never drop any MMS component alone or undiluted into the eye!

Ear drops

Here, it is important that the 2 to 4 drops of the basic solution diluted above reach the eardrum to also achieve inflammation behind it. First treat one ear and lie sideways for 1 to 2 minutes, then treat the other ear, otherwise the solution will run out of the ear too quickly. For acute inflammation, this can be repeated hourly up to 12 times a day. A good tip was given to me by Dr. Andreas Kalcker when people have trouble getting the drops to the eardrum. One activates approx. 6 drops of classical MMS in a glass, whose opening can enclose the ear completely. Now do not add water, but place the head sideways on the upright glass in such a way that the ear is completely sealed by the rim of the glass and remain in this position for about 1-2 minutes. The chlorine dioxide gas produced can thus go directly into the ear without any liquid. The activated substance always remains in the glass and never comes into contact with the ear. This is then a so-called local ear fumigation, a special variant of the local partial fumigation of body parts with the chlorine dioxide gas.

Nasal drops

When treating the frontal and sinus cavities, significantly more drops of the pH-neutral CDSplus can be used than for the eyes and ears. To do this, lie down with your head hanging over the edge of the sofa so that the solution can flow into the right frontal or sinus cavity. After the drop, stay in this position for 1 to 2 minutes and then turn to the left side. Alternatively, there are also nasal rinsing sets in the pharmacy. There you can fill water with 1 to 2ml CDSplus instead of salt water and rinse with it. This application can also be performed several times a day if necessary. Again, the possible slight burning at first seems to be related to the lack of salt in the water and not the MMS/CDS. With MMS inhalations one nebulizes this solution in a pump spray bottle and then inhales the aerosol with the air. These MMS aerosol treatments can quickly address lung and bronchial infections.

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