1.8.3 The MMS gas bag

I learned about this interesting MMS application while staying with Jim in the Dominican Republic. The goal is to get the chlorine dioxide into the blood and thus into the body, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract completely. This is especially important for people who cannot tolerate MMS/CDS orally at all, or who can no longer take it due to the progression of their disease. Get a large plastic bag that you could completely disappear into while standing up to your neck. In a pinch, tape two large bags together on their opening side and cut out the bottom on one side. You should avoid going to the nearest hardware store and just asking for plastic bags that can fit a whole person. This could lead to you being arrested as a threat to humanity, in addition to weird looks. Besides the bag you need a medium sized glass or ceramic bowl. Activate 40-60 drops of MMS in this bowl and do not use water with it. CDS and CDSplus do not work with gassing protocols. Place the bowl in the middle of the opened bag and now get into the bag undressed so that the bowl is between your legs and cannot be tipped over. Now pull the bag up to your neck at the edges and close the opening with your hands at the lower neck. In this position, only your head should stick out of the closed bag. This is important because the gas produced should go to your skin and not to your lungs. Nevertheless, carry out this application in well-ventilated rooms. Try to stay wrapped up like this for about 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t worry nothing hurts, the boring standing is the real strain here. If you have trouble with this, you can also put a stool in the bag and sit on it. Then get out of the bag, pour the solution into the sink with plenty of water and air the room. You can also shower afterwards, although you can’t really get any cleaner or more germ-free than that. The MMS gas bag is one of the most intense applications I have personally experienced.

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