1.8.5 Intestinal and vaginal enemas

Enemas are generally considered unpleasant, but have a very great effect, because the chlorine dioxide is absorbed into the blood very quickly here. Especially for people with problems taking MMS orally or if the infection is also localized in the intestine or vagina. Pharmacies sell plastic enema sets with end pieces for bowel and vaginal enemas. It is best to lay a warm blanket on the floor in the bathroom and hang the water container of the enema set on the radiator with a hook at about belt height. For the insertion of the end piece you need some vaseline. The water should always be at body temperature, as any deviation is perceived as unpleasant, and then you can not keep the enema in the body as long as necessary. In the case of intestinal enemas, 2 to 3 enemas with water only (and 1 teaspoon of table salt if necessary) should be carried out beforehand in order to empty the intestines. More practical is the Reprop Clyster, where you can do an enema standing up for example (see below).


Initially add 2 activated drops of MMS later up to 12 activated drops to the water container of the enema kit. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt even recommends increasing to 20 activated drops per liter and has found no significant side effects on bowel activity.


Again, I prefer the pH neutral CDSplus and initially add 1 ml later up to 4 ml of CDSplus in the water container of the enema set. Again, according to Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Andreas Kalcker, even up to 10 ml per liter is possible.

Now lie on your back and carefully insert the end piece and slowly open the valve. When the entire amount of water has entered the intestine/vagina, raise the pelvis slightly and hold this position for 1 to 2 minutes. For intestinal enemas, you can also lie back and forth sideways so that all the coils are reached. You can do 2 to 3 enemas per run and 2 to 3 runs a day. Afterwards, the intestine or vagina is emptied again.

Sources of supply:

– Reprop Clyster (better enema set than in German pharmacies)

see on www.mms-seminar.com under “Sources of supply”

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