6.3 Personal advice

From the experiences of my seminars I could not avoid a holistic view of health. While on the one hand measures on the physical level, such as an MMS application, may be necessary, it is also necessary to work on the disease-causing issues on the mental-emotional level. Some of the spiritual-emotional techniques like aura cleansing, Power-Light (a kind of Reiki without limits) and CQM (Chinese quantum method according to Gabriele Eckert) I have personally learned and applied on volunteers with very interesting results. Over time, my own “3-step-back” technique has developed from a mixture of these techniques and some new elements. I offer these one-on-one sessions whenever the opportunity arises and ask that only people who resonate with these issues or with me sign up. The first time, I basically do an aura cleanse and some other things like reconnecting to the soul. This awakening is, in my experience, the foundation. Then people are much more stable and CQM and other mental techniques go faster and more efficiently or are then often no longer necessary. This initial session can last 1.5 to 3 hours and is on a donation basis. After that, you shouldn’t take on much. In 99% of the cases so far, this will be the only session, as you should be able to deal with all other issues on your own afterwards. Spiritual healing is not a technique recognized by orthodox medicine and I cannot promise any effect in advance. There is always as much happening as your soul will allow. Besides, I’m not healing anything, I’m helping you heal yourself.

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