MMS-Heilerfolge bei weiteren Krankheiten Teil 1

Body pains - bee sing - sunburn US

20 Year body pains - Herpes US

Tooth abscess - nail torn back US

Uncurable Arthritis US

Upper Respiratory Infection US

Multiple Myeloma US

Neurpathy General Health US

Problemas del ovario y digestivo ES

Pinguecula US

Parasites Detoxification US

Receding gums - root canal US

Migraines - thyroid - heart papitations US

Make a MMS testimony US

Scorpion sting US

Malignant Melanoma US

Chronis Sinus Infection - Gastritis US

GAstritis - Gall bladder US

Tumors US

Polycystic Ovary Snydrome Interfertility US

Hashimotos - Thyroiditis DE US

Lyme Disease - Boreliose US

Lung Pleurisy - skin damage- Flu US

HPV and vaginal parasites US

Kidney Infarction-Back pain US

Lung congestion Eczema- Heavy metals - Asthma US

Lyme Disease - Borreliose US

Chronic Lyme Disease US


Helping in Peruvian Amazon US

Hashimoto disease US

Allegries - Injuries - Herpes DE RU

Foot Pain - Colds- Herpes DE

Enemas for Parasite Treatments DE

Heart Circulation Issues DE

Hashimotos Disease - Thyroiditis DE

Eye Problems Cataract DE

-Elephantitis - constipation - body pains-US

Uganda Project US

Dental Problems DE

Elephantiasis Hiccups Shrapnel dislodge US

Full body Rash-US

Fatty liver and Hepatitis US

General Health Preventive US

Detoxing US

Dental problems fixed US

Suicide unknown terminal Disease US

Detoxification Parasite infection US

Dental Problems - Burns US

Quickly healing hand US

Cough and Toothache US

Cracked bone in 21 days US

Chronic Psoriasis US

Breast tumor and lymphoma US

Conjunctivitis US

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