Borax is a wonderful natural mineral with fantastic properties for osteoarthritis and arthritis, as well as against fungi of all kinds in the body. It was only banned virtually overnight across the EU in 2011, while it is still used as a key ingredient in detergents in the US. Here is some more information.

Die Borax-Verschwörung

Article from Nexus Magazine
here. For example, you can get the home remedy Borax in Turkey (non-EU) in any pharmacy for a few euros. Further shopping options are always maintained in our list of sources.


see also >>Curcuma Study Switzerland.


The pain, inflammation and swelling in the joints of the patient group were then measured at regular intervals.

In the MSM group, a pain reduction of 52 percent was observed after 12 weeks, while the pain value in the glucosamine group even decreased by 63 percent.

However, the best result was achieved in the group that took MSM together with glucosamine: Here, pain, inflammation and swelling in the joints were reduced by 79 percent.

For severe pain, the daily amount can be increased to 2500 mg MSM and 2500 mg glucosamine. Divided into 2 doses in the morning and evening. It is recommended to increase slowly!


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