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Here is a typical email conversation of the last days:

Request K.S.:

Hello! First of all, great job you guys are doing, congratulations!!!
My question is about a possible connection between MMS and reflux esophagitis. As a sufferer, according to conventional medicine, there seem to be only two options: Surgery or permanent use of proton pump inhibitors. Reflux is explained by a “leaky” stomach obstruction. My question: Are there already experiences or even findings in this thematic direction? Does reflux, like so many things, actually have anything to do with viruses, etc.? Or is it actually a physical deformity for which even MMS is powerless?
Important: I am not talking about simple heartburn or the connection of the acidic environment with the activator, but about the permanent restriction of reflux and dependence on medication.
Thank you very much and all the best for the future.

Our response:

Hello, dear K.S,
I had reflux myself for years and it is usually not a deformity nor do you necessarily have to go either medical route. It’s stress, and by that I don’t mean the external stress of work, family and everyday life, but the internal stress. We live very much in fears of any kind. The reflux is like many other “diseases” also only a warning sign of your soul (communicated to you via the body). The two medical alternatives mean that the cause remains and I reduce the symptoms in the short term (but with many permanent negative side effects).

All physical remedies including alternative remedies like MMS, deacidification cures and detox applications actually serve to get the head and body clear once and here it comes “in order to then recognize what went wrong so far and how everything is actually connected”. Unfortunately, many also abuse the alternative remedies only for temporary symptom relief.

I tell you right away everything you do physically now will only bring something in the short term, then it will come back more violently, because the cause is not gone.

Means: Yes, do your MMS-cure if you want, but also do deacidification e.g. according to Fr. Oettinger (see on our website under links and books) and also do detox cures. But first and foremost, deal with yourself. Who are you? What are you? What’s your job here? When you realize this, everything comes: relaxation, peace, freedom from fear, God-confidence = self-confidence, God-consciousness = self-confidence, God-love = self-love. And then you won’t have any symptoms!

Look here!


THAT is my latest level of knowledge and experience, which I was happy to share with you.

Good luck on your way!

The MMS-Seminar.com Team


Wow! First of all, thank you for the detailed answer. And THANK YOU for the content – that has namely sat 😉
I now adhere to your very lucid hints and send warmest greetings from W.


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