WARNING: New virus epidemic faster than Ebola!

The pathogen of a previously isolated disease now appears to have mutated. Starting in Germany, it is spreading worldwide and apparently faster than Ebola. The AWAKEN-Flue, as the system-threatening virus is called by leading experts of the WHO, abruptly leads to a clear and awake mind in the here and now. First it starts quite harmlessly with the exclusive consumption of purified drinking water and the consumption of organic food. This is usually followed by a pronounced aversion to over consumption of mass media. Eventually, the symptoms transition into an increased unity consciousness, a complete connection to one’s own soul, and a freedom from anxiety that was previously unknown. Finally, the illness ends in unconditional love, humility and gratitude towards oneself, one’s Creator and His creation and the deep urge to want to serve it responsibly. Is this what the true ever prophesied Armageddon looks like?

All the tried and tested means such as HAARP, chemtrails, the World Cup, even mass vaccinations, false flag operations and threats of global war scenarios, etc., which have been rushed through, seem to be completely ineffective. The elite are at a complete loss!

For this virus, a new epidemic warning level has been declared by the WHO, as it can fundamentally change life on this planet!

Even the SMS-warning of the WHO sent for the first time worldwide to more than 7 billion earth citizens: “Stay in your matrix, there you are safe!” has fizzled out ineffectively. Also the so far most effective broadband antibiotic (translation = directed against life) namely brainwashing standard pap from the mass media (permanent repetition of moronic disinformation) seems to be ineffective for the first time! Even worse: the infected quickly develop an irreversible and complete resistance to any foreign manipulation.

The pathogen was quickly found but not isolated. It is called by experts the Truth or Akasha virus (“Truth virus”) and is highly contagious. Be sure to avoid contact with people who think for themselves and act responsibly. It is suspected that the virus can also be spread by thought transmission.

As a result of the latest investigations, the exact route of transmission has now also been completely uncovered: The course of the disease usually begins with the reading of this decoded awakening text! The incubation period is a few milliseconds….. well did it click?

HerzLicht Welcome to freedom!

… and we become more and more every day!

Ali Erhan


AWAKE-FLUE Outbreak now officially confirmed! Pandemic level 6!

The crisis team issues the following preliminary findings:
The situation is really dramatic, because after confirmed reports from Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland, we hereby declare a WORLDWIDE PANDEMY!

Recent News:

  • Loving hugs are very dangerous and should in future be legally equated with grievous bodily harm, because they transmit unprotected heart energy and thus the virus.
  • Those infected say they feel perfectly healthy and happy. This is  highly suspect (“healthy and happy” people only exist in fairy tales, after all!).
  • Many infected forbid the recovery wishes! Instead of health, many wish each other the virus.
  • Probably the worst side effect of economic nature could be a significantly longer life expectancy of the infected and thus a premature collapse of the ailing pension system (the stock market is already going crazy).
  • Some make confused statements like, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, courageous, loving, harmonious, happy, and living in abundance…” and all this combined with an expression of deepest gratitude on the face that not even drugs can do. Our experts can’t think of anything else to say. Even hard-nosed experts no longer completely rule out an extraterrestrial influence here.
  • As in many end time movies, groups of people form and move through cities (preferably on Monday nights) to infect more people. Now every  day is a Monday!
  • Some trendy contemporaries have spontaneously fallen into deep depression because they were NOT part of the first wave of those infected and thus seem to have missed the quality of time according to their own statements.
  • Certified test shortly before release: Infected people can be safely identified by the fact that they recoil from even a rolled-up BILD newspaper and try to avoid any contact with it. More detailed investigations will follow.
  • More and more, the hardliners among the reality deniers are noticing the rapid rise of conspiracy theorists. Infected <=> conspiracy theorists? A rush study was commissioned.
  • The call for sanctions against Russia among the awakening resistant is getting louder? If it wasn’t the aliens then it could only have been the Russians.
  • Some are even toying with the idea of sacrificing an entire continent as a quarantine station. Would this be the “promised land” the infected keep blathering about?

In the again suggestions come whether one could not use MMS/Chlorine dioxide after Jim Humble against the Akasha virus, finally that worked with so many known and unknown infections excellently.  There is talk here of compulsory oral vaccination enforced by the military. Ali Erhan of MMS Seminars and Workshops made a shocking statement that nipped all these hopes in the bud:

“Based on the evidence we have so far, the use of MMS/chlorine dioxide has had no discernible effect in stopping this pandemic. MMS is completely ineffective here. No, that wasn’t quite right. We have the well-founded assumption that the use of MMS, collodial silver, zeolite, bentonite and other detox agents virtually opens the door to the spread of the virus. Physical cleansing also seems to accelerate mental cleansing of fears, traumas, and extraneous programming, so the virus has an easy game here.”

The last attempt to stop the disease by introducing genetically modified food into the diet also failed. Mother Gaja had reacted faster than thought possible.

The Akasha virus virtually gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “illness as opportunity”.

Some reader comments:

  • about 2000 years ago, the first one was infected …
  • Well, there is also nothing from ratiopharm!
  • For the first time, fear sits on the other side …

Please share diligently …

… and we become more and more every day!

In this sense
Your Ali Erhan

P.S.: This was a satire! All the thank you’s and all the praise I forwarded to my ego that can handle it better. Live and let live.

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