Vitamin cream for atopic dermatitis

Regviderm – the suppressed solution

This story reads like a thriller: The Lost Honor of Journalist Klaus Martens: He was one of the most respected investigators in Germany. Then he shot the film “Heilung unerwünscht” for WDR, which criticises the product policy of the pharmaceutical giants, and a nightmare began for Klaus Martens. (Source: Business Journalist 3/2012)

What happened? He found two Germans who had developed a vitamin cream (Regviderm) which helped very well with neurodermatitis. The itching caused by neurodermatitis is said to be indescribably strong and the relief is therefore perceived as a pure blessing. They patented the formula, formed a company (Fa. Regeneratio) and contacted pharmaceutical companies. All of them confirmed the excellent effect and still they delayed conclusions for years until finally this company went bankrupt and one of its inventors went to the sanatorium. In the final analysis, the new product would have easily displaced inferior products but with better profit margins from the market. Here is the link to the movie “Cure Undesired”.

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And here are tips from some MMS Newsletter readers:

The recipe for the pink vitamin B12 cream is:

0.07 g vitamin B12
46 g avocado oil
45.42 g water
8 g Tegocare PS
0,26 g potassium sorbate
0,25 g citric acid
(Please print out, save and pass on! Any pharmacist can mix this recipe without any problems). Also, you currently get something equivalent as a cosmetic product at:
By the way, “real chlorine bleach” also seems to help:
see article “Neurodermatitis: household bleach relieves eczema” in April 2009
Since the “real chlorine bleach” and the MMS are chemically related, why should a MMS bath not have the same effect. We even have very interesting effects from an MMS2 bath (with calcium hypochlorite).
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