Veterinarian Dirk Schrader: Chlorine dioxide can save the world!

Appeal to the citizens of Europe

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, fellow citizens,

As a veterinarian, I have known for ten years now about the beneficial and harmless effect of chlorine oxide on infections in pets. In our practice we were able to stop all kinds of infections without antibiotics. So bacterial, parasitic and also processes, but also viral infections especially of the Corona type. A year ago, when the so-called SARS-CoV epidemic spread into a pandemic around the globe, it was immediately clear to me that chlorine dioxide would be the weapon with which Covid-19 sick and seriously ill people could be brought back to life. My advice to government officials was not heard and the media also switched to deaf and dumb. Officials still warn against the use of chlorine oxide.

Only the selfless efforts of biophysicist Andreas Kalcker in Bolivia and Mexico led to the realization and proved that the use of chlorine dioxide water in Latin American countries is capable of ending Covid-19. The Comusav movement was founded there, the COALICIÓN MUNDIAL SALUD Y VIDA or World Health and Life Coalition, to which many thousands of doctors in Central and South America now belong. They realized that without lockdowns and vaccinations, the Covid-19 pandemic could be is easy to master. Together with disputatious scientists, doctors, veterinarians, alternative practitioners and people who are committed to self-determined medicine, we have now published the Comusav Germany Austria Switzerland was founded – a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of chlorine dioxide therapy in Central Europe and to ensure that the haunting of the pandemic and the advanced social catastrophe come to an end.

It has become apparent in recent years that the authorities are going after all those who use or want to use chlorine dioxide with power and fury. However, the apparent right of the government commissioners has turned out to be a huge lie and wrong. Regulatory measures were based on a Warning of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment against the product MMS from 2012. Today, in 2021, this same federal agency has made it clear that its warning at the time was expressly is not directed against the use of the substance chlorine dioxide, but only against the (one) product MMS. Thus, the legal grounds for the authorities to prosecute therapists and others who have used and want to use chlorine dioxide have vanished into thin air. We will have an evaluation of this scandalous circumstance carried out immediately in the competent courts.

Well, those who want to make and use chlorine dioxide themselves need no longer fear persecution. Chlorine dioxide can be made in very different ways and it must be dissolved in water to make it safe to drink. The Kalcker method is well established in Latin America, the Schrader method has been used for many years by animal lovers, also for their own use. The know how is easy to impart – you can read it on the website as well as on Mission Gesundheit (Telegram).

My fellow citizens,

therefore today my appeal to you learn how to use chlorine dioxide and convince your neighbours, friends, doctors, veterinarians and alternative practitioners of the miracle weapon against COVID-19 and many other things that can complicate our lives.

Best regards from Hamburg

From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU dear Dirk!
Et is an honor and a pleasure to have you at our side! May your appeal finally reach those whose ears have been closed until now. Alleviating suffering and pain and preventing agonizing unnecessary deaths drive you just as much as Andreas, me and many other active people in this movement!
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