“Sudden and unexpected” – mass deaths from vaccination

Documentation November 2022

This documentary explores the dramatic 20-40% increase in excess mortality in the global population following vaccination. At the same time, completely young and previously completely healthy people are dying “suddenly and unexpectedly” more and more often. Competitive athletes who have been vaccinated in particular seem to be dropping like flies. The growth rates of excess mortality appear to be just beginning.

This paper presents facts from scientists, pathologists and physicians and finds direct links between mRNA vaccination, gene alterations, SPIKE proteins, blood clots and death from cardiovascular disease. Under the microscope but also with the naked eye these large blood clots are very well visible.

Help from chlorine dioxide

While others are still researching behind the causes, we have long had a solution here for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Oral ingestion of chlorine dioxide solutions destroys spike protein docking sites and also oxidizes other toxic and dangerous components of COVID vaccines. To do this, add 10ml of chlorine dioxide solution (at 3,000ppm) to 1 liter of water daily in a consumable bottle and drink it in 8-12 servings throughout the day. This is then done for 4 -6 weeks. These application protocols have been proven by doctors and scientists of COMUSAV.com in the meantime also by secured studies.

If oral intake is no longer possible, then only intravenous administration can help. For this purpose, 5ml of highly pure nano-filtered chlorine dioxide solution is added to 500ml of saline solution and, if necessary. pH buffered with 3 to 5ml of bicarbonate solution (8.4%) in the infusion bag. Only this solution prepared in this way is given intravenously slowly in the morning and evening daily.

Within 4 days, even very old and weak high-risk patients can usually leave the intensive care unit with it.

Since these DNA changes make the body of the vaccinated person constantly produce new SPIKE proteins, chlorine dioxide can only fight the symptoms over and over again. If no corrective gene therapy is found, these vaccinated individuals would have to take regular chlorine dioxide treatments for the rest of their lives to maintain their health. Unvaccinated people, on the other hand, can get rid of shedding symptoms (SPIKE proteins transferred from vaccinated people) more easily with such a chlorine dioxide application. They do not produce any new SPIKE proteins themselves, but must always fear contact with the vaccinated and treat themselves accordingly.

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