Study: CDS is 100% effective against MRSA germs

The multiple book author, healer and researcher George Georgiou from the
Da Vinci BioSciences Research Centre
in Cyprus has investigated the effect of chlorine dioxide on MRSA germs in his laboratory (Bio-Hazard Level 2). He examined both classic MMS and CDSplus, a newly developed product. In the process, he came to some astonishing conclusions. More on this below.

The abbreviation MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. This germ is resistant to very many antibiotics and is very common in hospitals. During or after surgical interventions, MRSA infections occur with striking frequency and, in the final stage, can lead to life-threatening blood poisoning(sepsis).

The annual number of MRSA cases in German hospitals is estimated at 132,000 (Deutsches Ärzteblatt, link and archive). Although several FDA-approved antibiotics with efficacy against MRSA germs have been available since 2014, death and multiple amputations are still commonplace!

Here is a current example from the BILD newspaper of 15.10.2021(link and archive) with the title“My boyfriend loves me with one leg too“:

2017 Review. The then 19-year-old felt pain in her left knee while working as a nurse in a nursing home. She gets a simple joint endoscopy – and infects herself with a super-resistant hospital germ. “I had to have 33 surgeries,” the young woman says. “Had three life-threatening bouts of blood poisoning…”

Here you can see how helpless conventional medicine was!

Now for the results of the published study (Journal oc Bacterology & Mycology, 2021-09 – Archive.):

Two test series were run, one with classical MMS (25% sodium chlorite solution + 4% hydrochloric acid) and with the quite new CDSplus. In both experimental series, a sample containing MRSA germs was treated with chlorine dioxide under the dark-field microscope. The dose and exposure time were changed. To ensure that the results did not contain any human measurement errors, the number of dead and living germs was precisely evaluated by an image-processing computer program.

The result astonished the researcher Georg Georgiou very much. Chlorine dioxide can reliably kill MRSA germs in concentrations as low as 0.5 ppm (parts per million) and even with an extremely short exposure time of only 30 seconds. While the classical MMS came on an effectiveness of 99.99%, the CDSplus achieved even consistently 100%. As this had never happened in the laboratory before, these tests were repeated. However, it came out 100% every time.

Conclusion: Even at 6,000-fold dilution of a commercial CDS solution with 3,000 ppm, classic MMS/CDsplus safely kills the dangerous MRSA germs. These are, of course, experiments in vitro, i.e. in a sample under the microscope. However, the many independent in-vivo experience reports with chlorine dioxide on humans and animals by Dr. Andreas Klacker and the veterinarian Dirk Schrader show that chlorine dioxide applications absolutely must find their way into clinics in order to avoid unnecessary suffering, mutilation and premature death!

Those who do not want to or cannot wait until then can choose self-responsible self-therapy. Everything about external and internal applications with chlorine dioxide here online read in the free E-Book “Healing with MMS?”. Meanwhile in 24 languages also available for download to your smartphone!

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