Seeing without glasses? A field report

Although this issue has nothing to do with MMS, it affects almost everyone. That’s why we bring you an interesting experience report from Ali Erhan:

“When I first heard about the method of Prof. Dr. Vladimir Georgievich Zhdanov, the explanations seemed very logical to me. Around 1860, the German scientist Hermann von Helmholtz had theorized that nearsightedness and farsightedness were caused by a weakness in the lens mSeeing without glassesThis would be due to the ciliary muscles in the eye and could only be compensated for with glasses. However, the American professor William Bates was able to clearly prove that this theory was wrong in a study as early as 1901. It is actually the muscles surrounding the eyeball and responsible for its movement that are also responsible for sharp vision. These press the eyeball more or less together and thus change the optical conditions in the eye. Nevertheless, science has followed Helmholtz’s theory for more than 100 years, even up to the present day, and has given glasses to everyone with a visual defect. According to Prof. Zhdanov, glasses are the worst thing you can do to your eyes if you have low vision. The already weak and underdeveloped eyeball muscles are challenged even less by glasses and atrophy even more. This is the reason why you always need stronger glasses (rarely weaker ones) as the years go by. This explanation is also logical and corresponds to my personal experience.

As a solution, he suggests alternately relaxing and exercising the eye muscles. Already with the few exercises in this video you should be able to put the glasses aside for good after 3 weeks.

No sooner said than done: during the first exercises my eye muscles quickly started to hurt. I also found that some exercises were harder than others. So not all muscles were equally weak in me. After only 3 days I was able to significantly increase the frequency of exercise from 20 times per exercise to up to 100 times. After 7 days the exercises were no longer difficult and I could see well without glasses at times, then again worse. After 10 days the periods where I could see well to very well without glasses became longer and longer. Now I write these lines without glasses on my laptop. Two weeks ago, this would have been completely impossible. I’m blown away by what’s possible here especially regardless of age.

I now combine Prof. Zhdanov’s training every now and then with hole glasses which also train the ciliary muscles and will keep at it. However, the successes to date are very impressive in themselves. I will continue to report…”


The highly effective remedies mentioned in this video by Prof. Zhdanov are now available from another website

1. water-based propolis
Propolis Aqua A.P.V. 30% (100ml) for oral use.
Dosage: 1 teaspoon 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day

2. water-based propolis
Propolis Aqua 20% (15 ml) for use in the eyes.
Mucous membrane and eye application: as needed, 2 x daily 2 drops for 9 days. Then take a short break.

3. Forte Honey+ Blueberry, Bee Bread.
Dosage: 2x times a day 1x teaspoon dissolve in the mouth.

4. Apicare SPA, cream with bee venom.
Usage: To be used in the area of the eyes and temples

Here are newer links in case the ones above no longer work:

Note: Normally propolis is always offered dissolved in alcohol. But the Russians have found that it loses a lot of its active components in the process. Therefore, they have developed an innovative process to make it soluble in water. The products are extremely good value for money. Please tell us about your experiences.


More testimonials:

J.M: “… I am 19 years old and have been wearing glasses with +6.75 diopters for 15 years. I have been doing the exercises of the Prof. Zhdanov since August 1, 2016. So I put my glasses away that day (I had taken 4 weeks off) and started practicing. I repeated each gaze direction 5 times 3x a day. So for example 5x up and 5x down and so on. After about 2 days my extreme squinting was completely gone. At first I was very tired and drained. After 2 weeks I started reading a bit. Then after 4 weeks I was partially reading 100 pages a day and in about 1 month I read 1500 pages. So an improvement was noticeable, though not measurable to this day, even though my eyes feel so much better. I’ve always been able to see better….”

Nevertheless, J.M. had doubts because his optician did not find any significant changes in his measurements. We replied that it seems that sharp vision is not so much based on the geometrically and optically measurable dimensions of the eye, but much more on its ability to actively focus, that is, on muscular and coordination performance. The squinting was gone and reading 1500 pages a month without glasses is quite an achievement, isn’t it? Anyway, J.M. continues 🙂

(Here could also be your report…)

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