Saving bee colonies with chlorine dioxide

Beekeeper saves his bee colonies with CDS

Here a beekeeper, who had wintered 7 bee colonies, reported that 6 colonies had survived. One people had even grown so large that he had to divide the people. He came out of the winter with his bee colonies particularly well this year. The bees are very healthy and also have no varroa mites. His trick: He had added 50ml of CDS solution per 5 litres of winter food in the bucket. By mistake, of course!

We had heard of such successes as well. In addition, some beekeepers spray or fumigate their Varroa mite infested colonies at the entrance to the hive with chlorine dioxide gases or aerosols with success!

Please spread the word! This could be a great help to save the bees which are so important for all our lives on earth.

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