NEWS - Patent application 2019

Injection containing chlorine dioxide Methods and compositions for the treatment of cancer tumors

by Mr. Howard Alliger, founder of Frontier Pharmaceutical, Inc. and pioneer of chlorine dioxide chemistry

“The present invention relates to a method of treating cancer, particularly a cancerous tumor in a patient or subject in need thereof, comprising administering an effective amount of chlorine dioxide, including a chlorine dioxide complex, by direct injection into the tumor, but alternatively into multiple sites within the tumor, including the nucleus.

Treatment is often given as part of a single treatment, with the cancerous tumor simply dissolving or resolving over the course of several days without further treatment, or it may be given over multiple treatments over a period of several days to several weeks, with injections given daily or less frequently depending on the patient’s response. Often the tumor disappears within a few days to a week after a single treatment, but occasionally multiple treatments are required over a period of several days or several weeks or more. The result is usually complete remission, even in hard-to-treat cancers, and there is no metastasis or recurrence of the cancer.

(…) The concentration of chlorine dioxide in the solution ranges from (…) 15 ppm to approximately 500 ppm, (…). The concentration of chlorine dioxide to be used depends on the type of cancer tumor, its size and location, and the patient/subject to be treated.” (1)

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