NEW: MMS/CDS healing experience for Chikungunya fever

We recently received an inquiry from the British Virgin Islands, where the sufferers live on a yacht, regarding the treatment of a ChikungunyaInfection with MMS/CDS. This infection usually causes a severe fever and very severe joint pain (see WHO description and wikipedia) from. Since we had nothing on this pathogen so far, we gave the reference to the successful MMS/CDS protocol against dengue fever (yellow fever). Here original the first healing report to this illness, which seems to spread epidemic-like in the Caribbean:

“Hello MMS Team!
Here now our experience report about the intake of MMS with Chikungunya.

We started with the dengue fever protocol: 1ml CDS + 1 drop DMSO every 15 minutes  for 2 hours.

Then drink 10 ml of CDS + 1 drop of DMSO in 1 litre of water throughout the day.

Bernd more or less kept it up for about 12 days, when he got sick he reduced the amount he drank. In addition, after a week he started applying DMSO directly to the skin ( knee ). In between he did not take anything for 2 days (kidney problems).

Conclusion: His general condition improved by 70%. The pain is now only present in the knees, but reduced by at least 50%.

He hasn’t taken anything in 10 days.

Here   in the Caribbean islands, chikungunya spread to an epidemic from April 2014 to Nov. 1, 2014, with 1.5 million  (including Florida and affected tourists) affected  .

In Grenada, the National Insurance Security( NIS ) reported that 85% of the 105,000 Grenadians had contracted Chikungunya. The case frequency is just going down sharply, which is logical since there are hardly any unaffected people left there. This is the case on almost every Caribbean island.

Anyway, we think MMS  ( CDS ) is responsible for him feeling so much better. When I came back from Germany, he could only move very slowly with the most severe pain.  If I compare, he’s jumping around like a young deer now-

Very kind regards
Ruth and Bernd”

A heartfelt thank you to Ruth and Bernd for this personal healing report and thus for helping other possible sufferers. If applicable. the MMS/CDS application protocol against   chikungunya  can be optimized in the future to work even faster and more efficiently. Of course, one cannot now safely conclude general effectiveness from one successful case. But conventional medicine has nothing to offer against this rampant infection at the moment and every self-responsible person is shown stimulating possibilities here. This Chickungunya disease seems to be threatening more and more people,
in particular, vacationers headed to the Caribbean/Florida/Grenada should stock up on MMS as a precautionary measure.

Since almost all epidemics of the past decades may be traced back to unauthorized human experimentation (some very far back the USA has already officially admitted), we should ALL be and remain very very vigilant! Your Team

Update mid-January 2015:

In the Dominican Republic, more than 500 people with a Chikungunya infection have been successfully treated with MMS for, according to the Jim Humble Group. 

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