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So far there have been dozens of MMS books but only one MMS DVD. This is now over 10 years old and its content long out of date. Therefore, it was time to compile here all the cutting-edge facts about MMS as of 2018. The result is a worldwide unique and professional documentation about the miracle agent chlorine dioxide. World premiere of this DVD was at the second AKASHA Congress 2018 in Cologne / Bergheim.

MMS/CDS – from miracle cure to approved medicine 
over 8 hours of info on  3 DVDs

 is Dipl.-Ing. Ali Erhan in conversation with extraordinary personalities on innovative topics in the field of health, nutrition and spirituality. Self-treatment of diseases with the pharmaceutical not yet approved MMS and its actual active ingredient. chlorine dioxide are worldwide thanks to. Jim Humble very strongly on the rise. MMS works apparently very broadband with bacteria, viruses, spores, mushrooms and partly also with parasites and knows no antibiotic resistance. Now several consortia worldwide seem to be interested in officially marketing this substance.

So in this issue Ali talks to the Bio-physicist Andreas Kalcker, successful non-fiction author and speaker on the subject of chlorine dioxide. Andreas Kalcker is now head of research at a Swiss institute SZWFIE and has been granted several patents based on chlorine dioxide in the medical field.

Learn about the latest exciting research on chlorine dioxide (CD) that has not yet been published in any book!
– CD at toxoplasmosisEbolaMalariadiabetescancer and Detoxx
– CD stimulates Stem cells
– CD for unwanted Childlessness?
– CD as a replacement for the “pill-after“?
– CD can Glyphosate oxidize in the field and in the body!
– CD at Insect and animal bites
– CD improved Blood values in minutes
and many more

Andreas Kalcker interviewed by Ali Erhan
MMS/CDS – from wonder drug to approved drug.

1. health prohibited
2. the history of the active substance
3. scientific studies
4. the broadband effect of chlorine dioxide

5. the definition of disease and health
6. side effects and interactions
7. use for various diseases

8. DMSO and other active substances
9. autism
10. research and outlook

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