New advances in autism?

Away from the Spirit of Health Congress in Kassel, Germany, a small door-to-door conversation between Andreas Kalcker (researcher and practitioner) and Ali Erhan (theorist) may have laid the groundwork for a recent breakthrough in autism treatment.

Andreas Kalcker had proven the direct connection between children with autism and a parasitic infestation and developed a special anti-parasite protocol. So far, over 177 children worldwide have been cured of autism. In his experience, certain parasites in particular, including the controversial Rope worm he discovered, would constantly excrete ammonia. This massive ammonia poisoning was responsible, among other things, for these children developing symptoms such as flapping (i.e., rowing or flapping their hands). This is one of the biggest problems with these children. At the keyword ammonia it clicked and Ali Erhan remembered an alternative remedy that has been “successfully recommended” by alternative practitioners for liver cirrhosis for about 50 years (alternative practitioners are not allowed to treat such things in Germany :-). This remedy has just the aim to bind the excess ammonia in the intestine and to discharge it. Despite this unique selling proposition, this drug was also rather an unknown drug; it is not yet available in Turkey, for example. The first tests were initiated immediately.

This medication will certainly not cure the causes of autism, but may significantly alleviate many effects such as flapping with the hands. In addition, a relieved liver may then also respond more quickly and effectively to the previous antiparasite protocol. More on this shortly here!

In addition, another new approach to heavy metal elimination and milieu control is being tested with the completely new infopathic approach. This could also lead to faster results in the treatment of autism. 

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