My fast detox (for vaccinated and unvaccinated)

Whether the virus exists or not! Whether SPIKE proteins or graphene oxide is the trigger!

These measures help to boost detoxification and avoid dangerous thromboses and consequences.

1. avoidance of further ongoing poisoning

NO more vaccinations!

NO more masks! Do NOT pay all the parking tickets, they are all illegal anyway!

NO more tests!

drink clean filtered water (e.g. https://aquarius-prolife. com/de/trinkwasser-filter/34-mms-water-filter-set)

2. stimulate and support the detoxification system

Pine needle tea (it caused abortions in pregnant cows, so it is not recommended for pregnant women, but CDS had no adverse effects on fertility and offspring in animal studies!)

regular oral CDS-taking (three times a day a dose with 3 activated drops each of classic MMS or 6-9 ml each of CDS/CDSplus in a glass of water, plus 3 drops of DMSO on the ready solution is especially useful here)
(e.g. https://aquarius-prolife. com/de/27-cds-plus-cdl)

high dose vitamin C (with 2-3 hours to the chlorine dioxide)

high dose vitamin D + K2

highly dosed vitamin E

Omega3 fatty acids krill oil

sulphur-containing products DMSO, MSM, onions and garlic

Glutathione is the main engine for detoxification
either as a dietary supplement (and/or broccoli briefly steamed or blanched as a main dish 2-3 times a week, yummy!)

high dosage OPC (grape seed extract, with 2-3 hours distance to chlorine dioxide)

3. fill up with good air and energy

So off to the woods to pick pine needles!

4. do sport

Ok, vaccinations have knocked out pro athletes too, but far less than in the normal population! So exercise mindfully and go to the sauna as often as possible!

5. to remain relaxed in confidence

It’s all good and getting even better. “The best is yet to come” – really!
But the transition is bumpy. We all have to support and help each other!

Remember, the fear of vaccine damage or health damage from “shedding” alone can make you sick and lead to death.

So be creative in a good way!

Healing statements, disclaimer and licenses

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