My Ideal Water Filter Webinar

Water is life and our number one food, so clean drinking water is essential for maintaining and regaining health. Here Ali Erhan describes his thoughts on the way to developing his ideal water filter. On the one hand, it should be very thorough and yet affordable.

The product is now ready for mass production and available as MMS Water Filter at

My ideal water filter

Product Video (EN)

Below the advertisement continues with the e-book “My ideal water filter” +
Mounting instructions & Filter change!

The e-book "My ideal water filter".

You can download the corresponding E-book “My ideal water filter”
download. It’s also now built into the “E-Books” menu.

Mounting the filter (EN)

Changing the filter cartridge (EN)

Installation instruction (US)

Changing the filter cartridge (US)

Instrucciones de instalación (ES)

Cambio del cartucho del filtro (ES)

Instructions de montage (FR)

Changement de la cartouche filtrante (FR)

Istruzioni per l'installazione (IT)

Sostituzione della cartuccia filtro (IT)

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