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MMS successful against AIDS/HIV!

The physician Dr. Klaus Schustereder was the first to conduct a study on the effect of chlorine dioxide on HIV/AIDS patients in cooperation with the health authorities of the Central African Republic.

Dr. med. Klaus Schustereder distances himself from the many promises of salvation made by Mr. Humble, but acknowledges the therapeutic effect of chlorine dioxide in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. He advocates for a comprehensive clinical trial in collaboration with government agencies to better understand the potential of chlorine dioxide to treat epidemiological diseases.  Furthermore, Dr. med. Schustereder demands pharmacological studies to understand the mode of action of chlorine dioxide. In this interview, Dr. Schustereder explains why Africa needs therapeutic approaches that meet the following criteria: Efficiency, non-toxicity, cost-effectiveness and cultural integrability. According to Schustereder, chlorine dioxide meets these criteria and therefore sees a potential chance to help many people in the Third World. 

Note: Jim Humble may have taken an amateurish approach, but it was a very pragmatic and ultimately efficient one. Meanwhile, many doctors, alternative practitioners and veterinarians are convinced and on board.

(Source:, Against the Current)

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