MMS cures US actress Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman) of severe hives

While at present once again a denunciatory media campaign runs in the USA against MMS, the transmitter ABC7 actually dares to report from individual success messages. One concerns US actress Lindsay Wagner, who starred in the 1970s series “Bionic Women”.

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Eyewitness News began an investigation more than a year ago into the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, which sells a medicine touted as a “miracle cure” for everything from HIV to cancer.

While many, including the FDA (Federal Drug Administration, drug regulatory agency), classify MMS as poison, Eyewitness News spoke with a woman who said it works.

As a “Bionic Woman”, Lindsay Wagner (in the US TV series of the same name) found herself in difficult situations and was able to perform superhuman feats. Aided at times by the “Six Million Dollar Man” (note: this was another US TV series), Wagner’s character saved lives, once even fighting Bigfoot.

But none of that ’70s TV magic could have prepared Wagner for a disease she would later suffer from in real life – a case of chronic
, a severe form of hives.

“My whole body, like dents, like big dents, I looked like a boxer, my eyes were all swollen,” she said.

Steroids and antihistamines helped, but they had side effects and were not a permanent solution. So after eight months of suffering, Wagner was completely desperate for a cure.

“It would burn, it would itch like crazy, it’s something that can just drive you crazy,” she said.

Through a friend, Wagner came into contact with a woman. Their child seemed to have been almost cured of severe autism by something called Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS, It was stated that MMS would help with a variety of diseases including chronic hives.

“So, even though it was weird, I looked it up on the internet and I saw a lot of good things about it. I saw some scary things about it … I didn’t care, honestly. I was desperate, and I said to myself “I’ll try.”

MMS is made with sodium chlorite, an ingredient in many industrial cleaning products. It is a religious sacrament of the Genesis II Church for health and healing. Its leaders, Jim Humble and Mark Grenon, are self-proclaimed archbishops who claim that MMS can cure everything from cancer to the common cold.

Critics, including the FDA, said MMS was nothing more than a powerful industrial bleach. But what is it for Wagner?

I was speechless, within just a week I came off my prednisone treatment (note: this is an immunosuppressant and immunomodulatory drug with possible violent side effects that quickly become highly addictive). “Within just a week, I was just shocked, she said.”

She said the hives were gone within weeks and never came back.

“I’m not a doctor, I’m not a scientist, I’m not a chemist, but it looked like I really cured that,” she said.

Wagner wanted to clarify that she does not recommend MMS for anyone else. She simply said that she followed the instructions, lowered the dosage when she felt sick, and that it worked for her. Four years later she had no recurrence.

As far as the church is concerned? Federal prosecutors are watching closely and say if MMS is marketed as a cure for disease, they may face headwinds from federal prosecutors. get.

Notes: It is interesting that the prestigious US TV station ABC7 casually reports an almost complete cure of a severely autistic child and a complete cure of severe hives in a prominent actress with MMS. And the only thing the authorities care about is whether it is advertised as a drug to cure disease. Not a word about the opportunities it would offer tens of people. And always the same blunt sword of “chlorine bleach” is repeated mantrically, although it is factually completely wrong. But it is perfectly normal for hospitals to administer the strong poison digitalis for heart problems and even rat poison to thin the blood. Apparently, it’s all in the dosage. Such a differentiation with MMS is omitted for whatever reason.

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