MMS / Chlorine dioxide kills Ebola pathogen (Update)

The WHO (World Health Organization) and with it many health authorities worldwide recommend disinfection with 5.25% sodium hypochlorite solution in case of contamination (rooms, beds, clothing). Interestingly, sodium hypochlorite is a relative of MMS2 (calcium hypochlorite), which is also used for drinking water disinfection. If sodium hypochlorite kills the Ebola virus thoroughly, then the 15 times more effective chlorine dioxide (§ 11 Drinking Water Ordinance 2001)  does it even more. But chlorine dioxide with a redox potential of 0.95 V can  definitely NOT harm healthy body cells with a cell voltage of 1.4V, while sodium hypochlorite with 1.49V can. (Source: German Healer School)

Conclusion: If the disinfectant recommended by the WHO can kill Ebola pathogens, then it can MMS / chlorine dioxide right and this without causing harm to the human body! This is a simple scientific deduction.

Now comes the part of conjecture: If chlorine dioxide kills all germs in drinking water, for example, and the body consists of 70-80% water, it should also work in the body according to Jim Humble’s idea. At any rate, this is the unanimous positive experience of the worldwide MMS community to date. So if MMS can kill Ebola pathogens when disinfecting rooms, objects and clothing, why not in the body. Now this point we can not yet backfeed here with experience reports, because we do not store Ebola virus in the refrigerator and this is also not freely available. 😉

More background info:

It seems as if the hype around Ebola is comparable with the lie fairy tales around the swine flu (SARS and bird flu times neglected).

On the one hand, it is interesting that the USA/CDC have patented the Ebola pathogen Patent No. CA2741523A1. Well actually you can not patent something that exists so in the wild. You have to develop it artificially and for the first time yourself to get a patent. Is the US then also perhaps the culprit of this epidemic? Think! (Source: tv-orange)

On the other hand, there are reports from Africa that the diseases always start AFTER medical treatment, e.g. at a Red Cross station, i.e. an acquired disease. This would also explain the disbelief of the locals, some of whom are forcibly freed from hospitals and quarantine stations by their relatives or flee themselves.

Furthermore, it is surprising that the measures taken so far are criminally inadequate if Ebola were a real threat. Actually, there should have been an absolute ban on entry from these areas/countries worldwide immediately and without delay. Instead, hundreds of flights continue to take place daily and, in addition, infected people are allegedly flown out all over the world for treatment (Ebola tourism). Can’t this be done on the spot? And of course, as any scriptwriter would dramaturgically incorporate, a nurse then becomes infected despite all precautions and in no time at all we are suddenly dealing with a threat in our own realm. There’s not much more you can do to get something out there quickly. So you really need a problem.

Because it seems that there is already a solution that they want to force on us and they do it like they have always done: First you create a problem and let it escalate deliberately, then you present the solution and the people tear it out of your hand voluntarily out of fear. Now you can have any special right and special money provided by any state in the world. The pattern is repeating itself and more and more people are recognizing it.

There may be an Ebola virus and it may be deadly. Nevertheless, the planned and orchestrated media hype is highly suspect in our opinion. Please have a look at e.g. Christian Anders and question yourself!

Here are some new questions:

1. Ebola is just a dry run for an even more deadly airborne disease, Obama said, meaning what he meant only those  who are planning and working on the next wave know. Here’s the video in the original!

2. why was all evidence that the infected nurse Kaci Hickox is a CDC employee concealed? It all looks pretty staged!

3. here is evidence that Ebola is in fact a bio-warfare agent and was initially developed against the black population in South Africa in “Project Coast” among others.

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