MMS banned? NO!

A new wave of one-sided misreporting is once again sweeping through the media.

First, an article appeared in Spiegel online. It is reported there from a concrete procedure and then additionally mixed with the old unsubstantiated accusations. The headline suggests that MMS is now generally banned. This is deliberately misleading and was then also gladly misquoted by T-Online. Only products of a company that had also advertised a healing effect without permission were banned. All other previously available water purifiers from other suppliers are still approved and available. Nor was a ban imposed because of any hazards, as is suggested, but because of the inadmissible way in which the product was advertised. So once again, it was all just wishful thinking and propaganda by the mass media, which the people have affectionately nicknamed the “lying press” for a reason.

More one-sided negative reports can be expected by the end of April. We thank you in advance for the extra PR and bless all agitators with love.

Spiegel online: Dangerous “miracle drug” MMS is banned Link Archive
-online: Miracle drug MMS gets banned Link Archive

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