MMS & Andreas Kalcker on the Charlie Ward Show

The interview is in English!

11 million viewers!!!

Finally the media breakthrough for MMS! Charlie Ward usually updates his followers on topics related to the Q movement and the upcoming new Quantum Financial System (QFS). Now he has invited Andreas Kalcker and now the MMS becomes part of the Q-movement. MMS/ Chlorine Dioxide is not only the solution for all covid scared people worldwide, but can show incredible positive effects on cancer, diabates and many other infectious and chronic diseases. Andreas reports also about the successes of the international Ärtzevereinigung which carries out now actively with MMS and/or the pH-neutral variant CDS (active substance chlorine dioxide) treatments not only with Covid patients in over 24 countries.

While ventilators get more oxygen into the body, they unfortunately do not get the carbon dioxide out of the body. This resulted in 9 out of 10 ventilated patients dying. With a CDS infusion, oxygen saturation increased WITHOUT this risk. All patients survived! In addition, the action of chlorine dioxide to dissolve or prevent blood clots appears to be a key function in many patients.

Masks reduce oxygen levels in the blood by 17%!!!

Andreas also addresses the fact that 5G radiation alone can extremely increase the problems with covid infections due to its extremely strong transmission power. This death rate is significantly higher in cities with dense 5G coverage.

With just a 21-day oral CDS regimen, you can detox wonderfully and rid yourself of many of these health problems and symptoms. CDS infusions are usually only necessary for the critically ill and intubated.

The pharmaceutical company Johnson& Johnson had already patented chlorine dioxide against Alzheimer’s disease more than 10 years ago. But what are the drugs to date? Patents are very often only used to make something good disappear and primarily only protect the sales of the super corporations. That is why Andreas Kalcker has made most of his CDS patents available to mankind free of charge.

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