In connection with the MMS protocols according to Jim Humble, other supporting auxiliary substances are often used. Zeolite and bentonite can absorb and hold large amounts of other substances due to their microporous structure and electrical charge. Here, these properties are used to bind and eliminate heavy metals and other environmental toxins. Both substances are used in the finest powder form and 1 tsp of the respective powder or even better a mixture of both powders is added to a glass of water, stirred and drunk. Only a plastic or wooden spoon may be used, as metal has a negative effect on the electrical charge and thus the binding ability of these powders. You can drink such a glass of dissolved “sand” or “volcanic ash” in the morning and evening. Side effects and even overdoses are not known. Ali Erhan, together with the alternative practitioner Ekkehard Sirian Scheller, has developed the zeolite-bentonite mix GAIAgold for this purpose. Due to the unique and exclusive radionic information of this mixture (infopathy), the detoxification process is sometimes extremely accelerated.

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This page would like to give more detailed information about a new and very interesting method, as well as show how it works, where it can be used and what it can do.

The Infopathy® was developed by alternative practitioner Ekkehard Sirian Scheller founded. Infopathy is about Providing information for holistic self-correction of dysfunctional and irritated systems. If these return to the creative order or balance, the associated problems and symptoms usually disappear. Infopathy can be applied to all kinds of systems, whether human, animal or, for example, a house or a business.

If infopathy is applied to humans, the following boundary conditions should be observed:

  • Infopathy is not a recognised healing method.
  • No healing promises or healing statements are made in this regard.
  • Infopathy also never treats a disease.
  • It does not even use any material agent.
  • Water, salt and frequencies do not carry risks and side effects

Infopathy is rather a supporting element, which is to be assigned to the wellness area. Only selected frequency patterns and compositions are transmitted. Various media can serve as carriers, preferably crystals or brines. The human being or the target object is not simply reprogrammed with it. More importantly, these frequency patterns and compositions represent an offer of information for a selected problem, which show ways back into balance. Each system can react very individually to this offer.

Ekkehard Sirian Scheller explains in his book “Candidalism” the development of infopathy and its possible applications. Here, the most frequently used frequency patterns and compositions and their possible applications will be explained in detail.

For the first time, the completely newly developed frequency compositions are also presented here on this website. Initially, Scheller developed individual frequency patterns for specific tasks. He defined, so to speak, the individual letters of infopathy. Over time, however, he found that many tasks required several such frequency patterns simultaneously. For this reason he combined them into even more effective frequency compositions. These form, so to speak, the words and sentences of infopathy.

Up to now, a complex analysis with a dark field microscope and radionic measurement of more than 110 points was used to determine which frequency patterns were required. These patterns were then used, for example, to create an individually programmed brine. Now there is the simple and inexpensive possibility to select the suitable frequency pattern or composition from a table. This can be determined very easily by means of pendulum, kinesiological muscle test or other procedures alone or under guidance. The Inforal table can simply be used as a reference point here to select the appropriate composition. The so-called “gut feeling” is also sufficient. Of course, the above analyses are still available in severe cases (link to practice).

Infopathic applications

The infopathics are radionic by information formulations according to heal practitioner E. S. Scheller . Through this order-forming system, a new consciousness oriented towards harmony is cultivated. In the first days or weeks, the released toxins may first cause disorder, as in the case of house cleaning, which means that healthy healing reactions of an individual kind and expression may occur. Here it is necessary to persevere in order to establish the long desired harmonious balance and to maintain it permanently. In order to mitigate any detoxification reactions, the following rules should be observed:

Recommended dosage

In the evening before going to bed, stir 1 teaspoon of Zeoltih bentonite mixture (GAIAgold) in a glass of water and drink it. This binds the released toxins overnight and allows them to leave the body naturally the next morning. Please use only wooden or plastic spoons and NO metal!

Infopathy rules

  1. Don’t expect a reaction! Body-soul-mind as a unity can very wisely cope with low stresses of our time for many years. That means she’s coming to terms with the situation. Many patients report a spontaneous balancing feeling of well-being after taking it. Healing reactions may or may not occur.
  2. Go with great joy to your Infopathy cure, because a unique process of liberation for your whole organism will take place. Old illnesses can come back briefly, as if in a time lapse, to finally say goodbye as information. Stored ancient toxins can be released and remind us of previous “experiences”; mental blockages are also released.
  3. Have faith – also in yourself. Information programs cannot harm or manipulate. They only provide your body-soul-mind system with an offer of information, which can be used for the restoration of balance in case of stress.
  4. The ego needs and loves drama. Calmness and serenity are informatively included in your infopathic so that you can come into your restful power. You avoid the “drama” by not identifying with what you have experienced, but accepting it as a new experience.
  5. Therapeutic support is necessary, alternative practitioners, doctors and naturopaths are very familiar with overreactions and can guide you individually through your process. The rule is: In case of strong reactions due to the discharge of harmful substances such as mercury with dizziness and symptoms of poisoning, lower the dosage or discontinue for a few days so that the system can balance itself. In case of strong reactions, you can also take the zeolite-bentonite mix (GAIAgold) 2x a day to bind and eliminate toxins.
  6. Does your skin take on the elimination of acidic, itchy toxins? In the infopathy programme, liver, kidney and all other organs are included, but organ-supporting remedies, nutritional supplements or homeopathy etc. can be given additionally at any time. Avoid alcohol in any form, as it interferes with histamine breakdown. Histamine is a substance produced naturally in the body during poisoning and leads to itching, swelling and rhinitis, for example. Avoid foods containing histamine, e.g. anything that has been aged and stored for a long time. See corresponding Internet tables.
  7. “I’m acid…” Acidosis, the big topic of our time. All acid-producing pathogens are included in the infopathy mediator, including their mutated and camouflaged forms. Purines from meat and fish form uric acid. Methylpurines, i.e. vegetable purines are very strongly contained in coffee, black tea, red wine and beer. Avoid these stimulants as much as possible during therapy. If you have body aches, take more base remedies (like sodium bicarbonate 30min before eating) to de-acidify your body for the long term.
  8. The principle of resonance: Parasitic behavior on our mother earth causes more and more parasites and altered pathogens to emerge. Be again a “symbiont” for our planet and take again the personal responsibility for yourself and all life.

Good luck! Your alternative practitioner Ekkehard Sirian Scheller

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