Incurable was yesterday!

From the Hamburg veterinarian Dirk Schrader: “It is the touching fates of several dogs and a foal that make me think about whether the teaching of infections in veterinary medicine needs to be rewritten. By administering a substance of my own manufacture, the name of which I am not, as yet, allowed to name publicly because of the current legal situation, these animals could be saved from infirmity and death. The cost? The substance costs less than its packaging and is easy to produce on your own.

Case 1: Polyarthritis

The almost 1 ½ – year old Cairn terrier of the family H. could not walk from one day to the next: He was lame in the front, then in the back. A crooked back and a clearly increasing painfulness alarmed the pet owners. They went to a renowned veterinary facility near Hamburg. CT, MRI, blood tests came back negative. Only the leukocyte values were significantly elevated, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics did not work. The unnerved pet owners told me about their helplessness and the continuing severe disturbance of their little dog. The vets had uttered the word “polyarthritis” and taken away any hope from the family. The little dog was given the above remedy orally twice a day. After three days he was happily running through the garden again. The treatment period of 14 days in total was adhered to. The result: a healthy dog, a happy family and – normal leukocyte values.

Case 2: Tetanus infection

The large Malinois male of the S. family showed all signs of an advanced tetanus infection. Uncurable according to doctrine. Unfortunately. Mrs. S. treated her dog three times a day with the above mentioned substance. After 10 days it was clear: the dog could live on. The tetanus pathogen Chlostridium tetani was probably stopped very quickly with the usual antibiotics. His toxin alone ravaged the nerve cells and synapses – inaccessible even to tetanus serum. The self-made therapy showed that the tetanus toxin could be destroyed by the self-made substance. The S. family has their vital healthy dog back.

Case 3: Foal lameness

On 30.5.2015 Venus gave birth to Bado, her second foal. But it could not get up and drink at its mother’s. The vets who were called in injected everything their pharmacy had to offer – for three weeks. Bado’s joints swelled, a sight of misery, no improvement. At the last treatment the vet said she couldn’t help. Tomorrow she wants to put Bado to sleep. The owner should already call the knacker. Bado must have foal lameness after all. The disease is incurable. The courageous Mrs. S. had heard about the tetanus case (see above) and decided to treat Bado with the above mentioned substance three times a day. The dose was taken x 4. After three days Bado stood up, still lame considerably, but the next days showed a rapid improvement of his condition. After a week Bado ran happily behind his mother, a healthy vital foal. A sensation for the horse lovers in the Vierlanden.

Case 4: MRSA infection during surgery

Call from Hanover. They wanted to know how much it would cost to amputate a hind leg on a German Shepherd mix. Not 800 to 1000 euros? No. Half at the most, I see. Four-year-old Franjo had probably contracted a multi-drug resistant infection during cruciate ligament surgery. After unsuccessful antibiotic treatments, the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hanover advised amputation. The owners could not raise the money.

Franjo was hospitalized with us and the infected joint was “pumped up” three times a day with the above mentioned substance. In addition, this was also given to him three times a day. After a week Franjo had no more pain. After another week, we were able to pull the tube in his knee joint. The osteomyelitis in the knee was eliminated. Today he lives lameness-free and as a happy dog with his family.

DirkSchraderThese four examples, as well as dozens of others, show that the use of the above-mentioned substance offers a tremendous opportunity to effectively counteract infections in a just manner. We will continue to give infected animals the chance to live on without worry. However, a Hamburg authority has forbidden us to produce the deliberate substance ourselves and to use it on animals. Whether it is the “monstrous stupidity of the Germans” mentioned by Schopenhauer, or what Hannah Arendt calls “the banality of evil”, we will someday be allowed to hear from Hamburg judges whether we are allowed to use the substance so beneficially employed without prosecution by this authority, and why. We are confident and trust in the healthy sense of justice. Hamburg, July 2015″

This is the full text of an email from veterinarian Dirk Schrader to our team.

Veterinary Institute
for applied small animal medicine
Rahlstedter Street 156
22143 Hamburg
Tel. 0049-40-677 21 44

Editor’s comment:

This ominous agent can be paraphrased as follows:

Manche Moegen Süss
Manche Men Sauer
Manche Moegen Ssharp
Multi-Meighty Ssoup
…… or do you have another better paraphrase?

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