Graphene oxide – the real reason for COVID19?

Graphene Oxide (GO for short) – I know … a new possible fear porn, but still you should at least stay informed…

GO is in masks!

GO is in test strips!

GO is in all C vaccines!

GO creates thromboses!

GO creates blood clots!

GO disrupts the immune system!

GO triggers a cytokine storm!

GO creates pneumonia!

GO causes metallic taste in the mouth(after C-tests)!

GO causes inflammation of the mucous membranes!

GO produces loss of the sense of taste and smell!

GO is magnetic! (especially at vaccination site!)

So graphene oxide is the sole trigger of all these COVID symptoms! So not a VIRUS, but a chemical warfare agent!

GO blocks detoxification in the body via glutathione!

GO is triggerable via 5G!

GO was already included as an adjuvant in the flu shots in 2019!

GO overcomes the blood-brain barrier!

So COVID19 is a 5G remote controlled disease by chemical poisoning and not a virus!

WUHAN was the world’s first 5G project and coincided with the alleged “Corona outbreak”.

Children and athletes have a lot of glutathione, from the age of 65 this level drops dramatically! That is why mainly elderly people died and children and athletes were completely spared!

So it’s a chemical terrorist attack on the population!!!

With the worldwide successive introduction of 5G technology, many more people will die!

Therefore, regular re-inoculations are necessary to keep the harmful graphene oxide concentration high. Now you understand whynewer and newer mutation variants are driven through the village!

Source: Telegram channel

My conclusion:

Possibly MMS/CDS/chlorine dioxide does not work against a pathogen at all. Instead, it can neutralize the graphene oxide and/or its effects in the body!!!

My God, what a correct guess I had back on May 16, 2020 when interviewing Jo Conrad (
see video below!

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