From death bed to dance floor in 5 days!

The death blow to Covid: From death bed to dance floor in 5 days!

Paydrow L. offers 10 million pesos to anyone in the world who can prove that chlorine dioxide is toxic in the doses recommended by Andreas Kalcker!

To the scientists at the U.S. FDA, he is offering a $2 million reward if they can prove its toxicity!!!!

Congressmen, politicians, actors well-known athletes and mayors in many South American countries are now pushing chlorine dioxide applications. Interestingly, the mass media would now also have stopped repeating the false warnings against chlorine dioxide and now distinguish very precisely between toxic chlorine and chlorine dioxide!

Andreas Kalcker mutates into a superstar in South America with his last minute rescue for millions!

… and we become more and more every day!

(The video above is in English and Spanish, but  please watch that one until the end!)

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