Finally available: Vaccinated! VAXXED – The most controversial motion picture!

No one has the right to intentionally harm a defenseless child – especially if you haven’t even properly informed yourself! The following genrations will only shake their heads at our misdeeds…

VAXXED is a stirring documentary about the story of whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, an insider who uncovered a scandal at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (CDC). In 2004, the latter investigated a possible association between multiple vaccinations and the development of autism.
. When the study’s statistical data actually revealed alarming results, CDC leadership manipulated the numbers to prove vaccinations were harmless. VAXXED exposes the situation through interviews with insiders, doctors, politicians, and concerned parents, and reveals potential consequences for the health of our children. “Do you know what made me […] want to show the film? It was the more or less subtle attempt to stop us from doing exactly that with moral pressure […] and hidden threats. I am saddened that so many of my colleagues succeeded in this. Especially in a time of ‘fake news’ and the ever-increasing inability to live a culture of debate and discussion, it is dangerous to give in to this.” (Marianne Menze, managing director of the Essener Filmkunst-Theater) “[…]’Vaxxed’ is red-hot.” (FDP parliamentary group NRW) “Vaxxed screening in Essen: Police did not have to intervene” (WAZ) “Rippingly presented film […] partisan propaganda.” (Katholischer Filmdienst)

Please pass on this information, especially to young families who are expecting a baby!

A very good source of information on this subject is this film / DVD

Myth and reality of vaccination campaigns

Vaccinations are considered the best that modern medicine has to offer. But more and more circumstantial evidence and proof show: There are doubts about the protective effect. And the dangers that vaccinations are supposed to protect against are disproportionate to the side effects! This is especially dramatic in children! In Germany, the number of vaccine doses in the first year of life has grown from 1 to 34 since 1972! At the same time, the number of chronic diseases in children exploded: Rheumatism, cancer; but above all allergies, susceptibility to infections and behavioural problems such as AD(H)S. The cause is the additives in the vaccinations, especially the aluminium-containing active enhancers. Converted to body weight, an infant vaccine contains 23 times the amount of aluminium as an adult vaccine! The film shows that from the approval of vaccines to the handling of side effects, there is massive cheating. Important for the preservation of health is not a fully stamped vaccination card, but clean water, healthy food and an organism uncontaminated by toxins. That’s why more and more people are saying, “WE DON’T VACATE!”

If vaccines don’t cause autism, why does autism appear as a possible side effect on the package insert in the UK?

The dramatic increase in previously not so common diseases such as sudden infant death syndrome, ADHD, autism, neurodermatitis, allergies and intolerances point more and more clearly to a direct link with multiple vaccinations. This needs a closer look. According to the theory, a person is vaccinated with parts of the killed viruses, develops an immune reaction without getting sick and is then protected against a later real infection. Apparently this did not work at all, because in the meantime one has silently often gone over to “live vaccinations”, i.e. one gets nowadays viruses bred out in chicken eggs alive injected. Also this does not seem to have functioned so quite, because now still so-called effect amplifiers had to be given with the inoculations, in order to provoke at all a reaction of the body. However, these enhancers consist of allergenic aluminium and mercury compounds and are used in concentrations that are 200 times higher for babies and children than the adult limits for these substances. Even this still does not seem to have sufficient effect and therefore up to three vaccinations are given with the same active ingredient. The associated consequences, especially for a growing body, are actually foreseeable and yet are completely denied. Since MMS / chlorine dioxide is able to kill all known viruses safely, the sense of vaccinations is thus completely questioned. Do all healthy children have to be vaccinated against all known pathogens despite a statistically low probability of being ill? Or is it enough if only the few sick people are treated with MMS?

Critical questions about vaccination:
Why are vaccination opponents or vaccination refusers ostracized and classified as dangerous? If vaccinations actually work, how can the unvaccinated endanger the vaccinated?
Why don’t they show me the package insert for the vaccinations?
Why should doctors no longer be allowed to see this package insert in the future?
Why was it that during the last measles outbreaks, almost all of the sick children were properly triple vaccinated?
Why did Obama pass a law protecting all vaccine manufacturers from any liability claims?
Why are the vaccines delivered to the body in a way that is atypical for these viruses (by injection)?
Why are babies vaccinated at all before the age of two? An own immune system, which could learn something from the vaccinations, is not yet formed at this time!
Why are children under 2 years of age vaccinated at all, if their blood-brain barrier is not yet developed and thus the heavy metals can reach the brain directly?
Why were tens of thousands of soldiers force-vaccinated with the drug squalene and suffer from Gulf War Syndrome today?
Why are so many vaccination advisors currently being trained by the state in the FRG? Is forced vaccination just around the corner?
Why did Bill Gates’ first vaccinations secretly contain hormones that made African women infertile?
Why does Bill Gates want to vaccinate the third world against malaria, a cheap and 100% effective therapy with MMS is available?

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Everyone decides for themselves whether or not to get vaccinated. But please read the facts FIRST! It would be interesting to know how vaccines are produced and what they contain.

Ingredients of vaccinations

Many people believe vaccines contain a few bits of virus, water and that’s it. Neither the medical profession nor the mass media really enlighten you as to what ingredients are found in vaccines. Some ingredients are even protected as “trade secrets” and are therefore completely unknown to the responsible authorities. If you come across an instruction leaflet – usually by chance – a layman is often overwhelmed by the many chemical terms. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are unaware that vaccines contain genetically modified cells, potent neurotoxins and allergens such as mercury and aluminum, cells from aborted fetuses, carcinogenic formaldehyde, and much more. Since vaccines are grown on living cell cultures (chicken eggs, monkey kidneys, human cancer cells, etc.), these cells are also present in the vaccine despite careful purification. Specific viruses that are normally only found in chickens or monkeys can also enter the human body through vaccines. (Even viruses that may not be known today and therefore cannot be detected!)

Vaccine basics:
There are different types of vaccines, here are the most common vaccine varieties:

-live vaccines with reproducible pathogens based on bacteria and viruses (measles, mumps, rubella, oral polio vaccine, etc.).
-Inactivated virus vaccines (Salk polio injection, influenza, rabies)
-vaccines based on inactive bacteria (pertussis)
-toxin or toxoid vaccines (diphtheria, tetanus)

How are vaccines grown / produced in the first place?
Since viruses can only exist and replicate in living systems, they are usually grown in the animal itself, in cell cultures and fertilised chicken eggs, or extracted from the blood of infected animals. Examples of “culture media” include brain tissue from rabbits, kidney tissue from dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, and monkeys, albumen from chicken or duck eggs, chicken embryos, calf serum, blood from horses or pigs, and pus from cowpox. Mind you, these are always live animals! Any vaccination with live or inactivated viruses poses a potential risk, as mentioned above. Monkey viruses in particular are considered by researchers to be particularly dangerous. Monkeys are carriers of numerous viruses that are completely harmless in their host, but can become particularly aggressive and dangerous when they cross the species barrier, i.e. when they enter another living being. Each species basically has its own specific types of microbes that have evolved over millions of years of evolution and have proven useful. Viruses that are harmless to one species can be dangerous and even deadly to another. However, it is also possible that two non-virulent viruses mixed in a vaccination could interact to produce a fatal disease in the organism. This is especially true for multiple vaccines or the simultaneous administration of several vaccines at once. To give you an overview, we have explained the most important terms below, the package inserts of the most common vaccinations can be found online.

Terms from the package inserts:

VERO cells: cells from monkey kidneys.

Aluminum hydroxide: an aluminum salt known to be a potent allergen. Other aluminum compounds in vaccines include aluminum phosphate and aluminum sulfate. Aluminium salts promote the development of Alzheimer’s disease and various types of cancer, e.g. breast cancer, and can trigger numerous autoimmune diseases.

Human diploid lung fibroblasts: Cell lines prepared from aborted human fetuses. Such cells are also used in the following vaccines, among others: VAQTA from Merck (hepatitis A), HAVRIX from GlaxoSmithKline (heptatitis A), VarivaxO from Merck (chickenpox), PoliovaxO from Aventis-Pasteur (polio), ImovaxO from Aventis-Pasteur (rabies).

Recombinant yeast cells: genetically modified yeast cells.
The following vaccines contain genetically modified cell lines:
Infanrix hexa® / GSK Biologicals (component for heptatitis B)
Infanrix penta® / SmithKline Beecham (component for hepatitis B)
Synflorix® / GlaxoSmithKline (pneumococci)
Dukoral® / Crucell Sweden AB (cholera)
Ambirix® / GlaxoSmithKline (hepatitis A/B)
Twinrix® Erw. / GSK Biologicals (Hepatitis A/B)
Fendrix® / GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals S.A. (hepatitis B)
HBVAXPRO® / Sanofi Pasteur MSD (hepatitis B)
Tritanrix® HepB / GSK Biologicals (component for hepatitis B)
Gardasil® / Sanofi Pasteur MSD (Human Papilloma Virus HPV)
Cervarix® / GlaxoSmithKline (human papilloma viruses HPV)
Silgard®* / Sanofi Pasteur MSD (Human Papilloma Virus HPV) – USA only Fluenz® / MedImmune (Influenza) – UK and USA only.

Formaldehyde: is considered carcinogenic according to WHO (Source:

Thiomersal: = Ethyl mercury thiosalicylate A mercury compound used for preservation. Thiomersal consists of almost 50% highly toxic mercury. Look out! Mercury can also hide behind other terms! (See below).

Antibiotics: are added to vaccines to prevent the spread of harmful germs in the vaccine. In addition, they are supposed to dampen any immune or overreactions that may occur and partially paralyze the natural immune response! Critical scientists suspect that vaccine reactions and vaccine damage are thereby delayed. Indeed, vaccine damage was most often observed 2 to 4 weeks after vaccination, some even months or years later. At this point, vaccine damage is even more difficult to detect than when it occurs immediately after a vaccination. Many of these reactions are not even suspected or reported as vaccine injuries.

Nanoparticles as effect enhancers: Dr. Stefan Lanka (microbiologist and virologist) warns against introducing nanoparticles into the body, as their tininess can damage the nervous system and brain. The consequences of such damage are fatigue, concentration disorders, sleep and breathing disorders up to paralysis and suffocation, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and many more.

Non-species protein, e.g. chicken egg white: These are residues from the manufacturing process. Foreign protein has a completely different effect when injected than when eaten. The vaccine cocktail is injected directly into the blood (vaccines are injected into muscles with a strong blood supply). This is unnatural. All phylic and biological defense barriers, as found in skin, mucosa, tonsils, gastric acid, lymphatic tissue of the intestinal tract, liver, and many more, are thereby bypassed. Such “injuries” do not occur in nature. The organism is totally overstrained by this. Foreign protein can lead to rejection reactions and even severe allergic shock.

Phenoxyethanol: Other names: Phenoxyethanol, 2-phenoxy-1-ethanol, phenylcellosolve, monophenyl glycol, ethylene glycol monophenyl ether. Phenoxyethanol is an organic compound and appears as a colorless, viscous liquid at room temperature. The vapors are heavier than air. It is used as a preservative. It can also be used to tranquilize, stun or euthanize fish, depending on the dosage. May cause allergies. Harmful if swallowed. Irritating to eyes. Must not get into the subsoil or soil. Do not allow to enter drains, surface water and ground water. (, safety data sheet)

Ethanol: Other names: Ethyl alcohol, ethanol (standard language), ethyl alcohol(standard language), spirit of wine, spirit, alcohol (colloquial). Ethanol is an important organic solvent, a basic chemical in industry and a disinfectant. One of the main technical uses of ethanol is as a biofuel, known as bioethanol. Ethanol is flammable. The vapors are heavier than air. Irritating to eyes and mucous membranes. Ingested in large quantities, ethanol causes dizziness, intoxication, narcosis, respiratory paralysis. (, safety data sheet)

Source :

Here you can see with how many synonyms = camouflage names one tries to disguise that mercury is always in the vaccinations:


…and if it says that there is NO mercury in it, there CAN be mercury in it, in the component of the patented company secret. This does not have to be indicated on the package and in the list of contents. How pharmaceutically correct all these rules have become over time?

Thought exercise on compulsory vaccination:

“If all the vaccinated are protected against the disease, then why can the so-called “irresponsible” non-vaccinated endanger or infect those vaccinated? If this danger really existed, then it would be proven beyond doubt that vaccinations offer no protection!”

Our Tip:

God does not vaccinate and never has, yet not a single race has been proven to die out from disease. On the contrary: every crack on this planet is teeming with life. No animal or human needs to be vaccinated as a precaution. Was our survival until the 19th century pure improbable chance? The whole thing seems to be a mega scam. Nowadays, means like MMS are available to treat an infection successfully in the individual case without vaccinating ALL healthy ones several times as a precaution (see veterinarian Dirk Schrader, who cured a heavy tetanus infection with MMS – a thing of the impossibility in orthodox medicine).

The only effect vaccinations actually have:
Vaccinations work against the fear that the doctor gave the parents. In exchange, an unharmed healthy infant is injured and permanently poisoned.

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