6. conclusion

Based on the facts, studies and clinical experience reports presented, the following verifiable conclusion is compelling:

  • Chlorine dioxide is not to be confused with pure chlorine or even chlorine bleach!
  • Chlorine dioxide is not toxic and not carcinogenic!
  • It ends up decomposing only into water, oxygen, and boiling salt.
  • Chlorine dioxide is the best germ killer on this planet!
  • Oral ingestion of chlorine dioxide solutions hasno known or lasting side effects!
  • Chlorine dioxide is not mutagenic and does not harm offspring!
  • The individual doses according to MMS application protocols according to Jim Humble are safe! (EPA study)
  • The duration of the MMS application logs according to Jim Humble is safe! (WHO study)
  • Chlorine dioxide has extensive positive health effects on the body!
  • Chlorine dioxide works successfully against malaria, HIV/AIDS and even Ebola! among others.
  • There is a deliberate untrue smear campaign against MMS in the mass media!
  • MMS should be stocked in every household for crisis preparedness.

In addition, there are meanwhile further developments of MMS like the pH-neutral CDS or CDSplus. These are chlorine dioxide solutions that eliminate the need for non-professionals to handle higher concentration chemicals. Hazards due to incorrect handling are therefore also largely ruled out.

Either there is no more result-open quality journalism based on thorough research in the land of poets and thinkers or a false picture of chlorine dioxide is deliberately and intentionally drawn. Concealing important parts of the truth is definitely tantamount to deliberate lying to me. My question, “Cui bono?” Who does this benefit? Follow the money trail and you’ll find the culprits!

A final conclusion can and should be drawn here by everyone only for himself. I give my personal summary here based on verifiable facts and sources. MMS is very versatile and can help or has the potential to help quickly and efficiently from simple infections to life-threatening diseases such as malaria, blood poisoning (sepsis), food poisoning, MRSA infection, AIDS/HIV, malaria, dengue fever, SARS, swine flu, Ebola, cancer and diabetes. It is so interesting as a substitute for antibiotics because it also safely kills mutant antibiotic-resistant germs and leaves no damage to the intestinal flora. MMS can protect against known and most likely future unknown germs that are thought to have the potential to cause pandemics, i.e. worldwide epidemics. The biggest advantage, however, is probably that very many people can simply use MMS on good luck for known and unknown diseases, since no serious acute or permanent damage is known from the oral ingestion of chlorine dioxide at the recommended protocols, formulations and dosages.

Despite these impressive effects, MMS is not a panacea for me. I don’t think there is such a thing on a purely physical level. I always say: “MMS provides you with life time and quality of life. You should use this time to find and dissolve the spiritual-mental causes of your illness. Otherwise you use or abuse MMS like a conventional medicine, purely for symptom relief and suppression. But only the treatment of the actual cause leads to a permanent solution or to a complete “recovery”. Therefore I refer here to the following webinars and e-books “Back2Balance” and “Back2Health” with new ways back to physical and mental balance. In “Back2Balance” I point out five major pathways (e.g. over-acidification and slagging) that can lead to poisoning or deficiency symptoms in the body. Fortunately, you can also go back all these ways and thus find your balance again. In “Back2Health” it is about modern, fast and effective techniques to track down and dissolve e.g. traumas, fears, phobias, neuroses, psychoses but also topics like guilt, shame, grief and forgiveness on a mental-emotional level. Only with all this knowledge and these techniques is, in my experience, a rounded picture of a holistic view of health and disease possible.

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