6.7 Remarks by Jim Humble

Jim Humble:

“Many of you also have the impression that a lot of things are going very wrong in this world. This is also true and will even escalate in our time. An ancient battle of the two primal poles of good and evil is coming to its climax. The prophesied so-called “golden age” will not come by itself. No higher powers like angels, energy beings or extraterrestrials, whose existence I do not want to deny at all, will come to save us. That is our very own task. That’s why you’re here right now. So take responsibility for yourself, your life, your health and your environment. First cleanse yourself on a physical and spiritual level. Then network with like-minded people and remember your real purpose here. This last great decisive battle will not be won with any weapons and also not in the outside. To do this you must go within yourself and recognize and accept that there is no greater power than you in this universe. MMS is not the end of the line, it’s just the beginning…”

(Excerpts from an interview with Jim Humble in Mexico, December 2014).

– END –

… and we are becoming more and more!

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