6.5 No more appeal for donations

This book only informs you about alternative remedies and methods. It is meant to give hope to people in need and show them ways to take responsibility for themselves back into their own hands. All this information has been gathered over the years with a lot of love, time, expense and personal effort and most of it is given to you here free of charge.

If this knowledge has helped you, your family, your friends or your pets in any way, please support the spreading of alternative healing knowledge in general or the worldwide activities of the Jim Humble movement in particular.

UPDATE: I have been blocked from all paypal accounts and banned for life from this bank that never was a bank. I also had my Ing-Diba account terminated right after the first donation was received. Andreas Kalcker and Kerri Rivera can tell the same song. There you see how much the dark side is afraid of the simple truth of chlorine dioxide.

For this reason, I refrain from any monetary donations!

The truth will find your way that way too!

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