5.6 MMS Tip No. 6 DMSO Scar Solution

(according to Dr. Hartmut Fischer www.pranatu.de)

This wonderful tip comes from DMSO specialist Dr. Hartmut Fischer himself. Even years-old scars from injuries and surgeries can almost completely disappear. Somehow DMSO seems to work in cell renewal to restore the old cell structure and order. DMSO can also repair DNA damage, e.g. from radiation damage, and should be kept on hand as an emergency remedy for any radiation therapy.

Mixing the scar solution:

First, dissolve 35 grams of magnesium chloride in 1 liter of water. A spray or drip bottle (see sources below) is then half filled with DMSO and 2 ampoules of procaine are added. Fill up this mixture with the above magnesium water until the bottle is full. The DMSO must not come into contact with plastics! For the transfer of liquids from ampoules, it is best to use a syringe with a cannula. Then store this solution in the dark! You need a 100ml glass bottle for this mixture!

Application of the scar solution:

If well tolerated, generously wet the scars once a day with it (cotton swab or finger) and allow to take effect for a long time before clothing is put over it again.

Simply save the remaining magnesium water or consume a shot glass full diluted in a drink daily. It is a wonderful remedy for vascular cleansing.

By the way: Everyone has a scar: on the belly button. I can only say from my own experience that this can also trigger very intensive spiritual processes. So lie down, clear your navel, dribble in, close your eyes and enjoy!

Sources of supply:

see on www.mms-seminar.com under “Sources of supply”

– Magnesium chloride, DMSO and dosage set (syringe and dropper bottle), 2 pcs. Procain Pasconeural 2% 5ml ampoules (pharmacy)

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