5.3 MMS Tip No. 3 The holiday saver (CDS spray bottle)

One illness can ruin your whole well-deserved vacation. According to the WHO, most diarrhoeal diseases on holiday are caused by contaminated drinking water. In addition, there are infections that can be contracted, for example, through spoiled or contaminated food and through infected wounds.

There we have in the MMS community our universal problem solver: the CDS spray bottle. Just a 10ml glass bottle with a spray head (available from some suppliers as a dosing aid or set) and your holiday is saved.


Activate 6 to 15 drops directly in the 10ml glass bottle and fill up the rest with water.



Fill 2 to 5ml of the ready-to-use yellow solution into the glass bottle and the rest with water.

You can now carry this mixture around with you for up to 14 days, e.g. in your handbag, without refrigeration. The spray head prevents the chlorine dioxide gas from escaping too quickly. The hotter the temperatures the higher you can make the above dosage.

Procedure on vacation:

– Prepare this spray bottle just BEFORE the holiday.

– Pack the MMS set or the activated CDSplus in the case.

– The spray bottle can be carried on the plane in the hand luggage in a

transparent bag, since the content is less than 100ml.


In most of the following applications it is basically irrelevant whether the solution is produced with MMS or CDS, since a water mist with dissolved chlorine dioxide is sprayed and not pure and thus possibly dangerous chlorine dioxide gas! The solution produced with MMS is pH-acidic and could be used in larger quantities of textiles if necessary. slightly (depends a bit on the dilution!).

Possible applications:

  1. On-board toilets

The approx. up to 400 people in the flier stand only approx. 3 to 4 toilets opposite. The hygiene situation is correspondingly bad. 1 to 2 sprays on the door handles and on the toilet lid solve the problem in a few seconds.

  1. Sick travel companions

Sitting next to you on the plane or bus is someone with a cold, for example, who sneezes at you constantly and thus spreads his germs into the air. You’re already imagining how you spend all your time on holiday rattling around pharmacies looking for cough and cold remedies, while the others go on nice excursions. Then spray 1 to 2 strokes high in the air. This has been proven to disinfect germs in the air. You can also inhale this spray mist to make your respiratory tract germ-free again. Don’t worry it is an aerosol of chlorine dioxide solution not pure chlorine dioxide gas and therefore not dangerous!

  1. Welcome drink

Arrived at the hotel, there is then a welcome drink. This one is often fine, but the ice cubes usually are not. Most ice machines are completely germy. Wait 1 to 2 sprays into the jar briefly and this problem can also be easily circumvented.

  1. Hotel rooms / bathrooms

We know from TV reports that bathrooms in hotels look superficially clean. However, UV light often shows that the germs have only been rubbed in. So spray the toilet lids, basins and taps, wait a short time and then rinse or wipe. Already you have an acceptable bathroom for the time of your vacation.

  1. Hotel room musty

In countries with high humidity, hotel rooms, sofas or beds often smell musty. This always indicates a high germ load, as odours are almost always due to bacterial decomposition processes. Again, a few sprays can be helpful. If it is the whole room, room fumigation as mentioned above in the previous MMS tips would be useful here. This is only possible with the classic MMS.

  1. Air conditioning

In hot holiday countries, air conditioners are also always used. Since warm air can carry more moisture than cold air, condensation always forms in these devices. This tends to germinate over time, so that an air conditioning system and its supply lines can also constantly contaminate a room with germs. Another application for our spray bottle.

  1. Food / Drinking water

On the road at the market or in the mountains, you may have to rely on drinking water from sources that are not safe. Fruits and vegetables in warm countries can also transmit hepatitis A. Again, a few sprays in the drinking water or on the fruit/vegetables will ensure that you can continue to enjoy your holiday.

  1. Wound disinfection

If you cut yourself on a shell at the beach or get a wound while hiking, you can spray it and avoid an infection of the wound.

  1. Body and mouth odor

If you spontaneously meet someone nice on vacation, you can increase your chances of success by spraying your body with CDS. Your sweat only smells when the bacteria on your skin convert it into butyric acid. No bacteria, no body odor! This had also worked wonderfully for Jim in the Dominican Republic. Also, spray a few puffs in your mouth and let it sit with the spit between your teeth for 1-2 minutes. Already no more annoying bad breath stands in your way for a promising date. Don’t worry dear ladies, the chlorine dioxide smell completely dissipates within a few minutes for both applications.

  1. Food poisoning from spoiled fish or shellfish

Food poisoning with bad fish or shellfish is life threatening. I myself once vomited and had diarrhea constantly for almost 1 week. I didn’t have MMS back then. Dr. Andreas Kalcker once took 6 activated drops of MMS himself in such a situation and this still hourly twice afterwards. Then all the complaints stopped and the body won the race in this superinfection.

I know that being overhygienic can also make you sensitive and sick. This was once exaggeratedly everything together, where MMS can carry out meaningful assistance in the vacation. Everyone can pick out what appeals to him from this spectrum. Maybe you can think of a few more interesting possibilities. Help make this post better!

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